Recent Releases

3.714 Aug 2023 03:16 minor feature: github: tagging of images for releass (non-semver) Signed-off-by: Joachim Wiberg lt; gt;.
3.611 Apr 2023 03:15 minor feature: Bump version for mg2a v3.6 Signed-off-by: Joachim Wiberg lt; gt;.
3.517 Oct 2021 00:01 minor feature: Support for Solaris/Illumos based UNIX systems tested on OmniOS and OpenIndiana, sync with Mg from OpenBSD 7.0.
3.424 Aug 2020 07:05 minor feature: Support for building without termcap/terminfo/ncurses. This feature will be welcome for embedded systems, and others who cannot, or do not want to, bundle the complete ncurses. Support for opening.gz text files, as read-only. Support for C-h t to access the Mg tutorial. Support for C-h q to toggle *quick help buffer. New default key bindings for cursor movement, from GNU Emacs: C-up backward-paragraph C-down forward-paragraph C-left backward-word, also M-left C-right forward-word, also M-right C-PgUp beginning-of-buffer C-PgDn end-of-buffer . C-up backward-paragraph. C-down forward-paragraph. C-left backward-word, also M-left. C-right forward-word, also M-right. C-PgUp beginning-of-buffer. C-PgDn end-of-buffer. Sync with OpenBSD: Update all OpenBSD: id strings -Wshadow warnings. missing return value checks . Update all OpenBSD: id strings. -Wshadow warnings. missing return value checks. Modeline changes to mimic GNU Emacs Drop Mg:, similar to yur3i/mg/commit/@84ce23b Use space instead of dash - as separator, same as @yur3i Hard code std encoding and UNIX end-of-line mode Show (line,column) and place before buffer modes Upper case for each mode listed New display-time-mode, toggle current time in modeline . Drop Mg:, similar to yur3i/mg/commit/@84ce23b. Use space instead of dash - as separator, same as @yur3i. Hard code std encoding and UNIX end-of-line mode. Show (line,column) and place before buffer modes. Upper case for each mode listed. New display-time-mode, toggle current time in modeline. Enable column-number-mode by default. Add new internal mglog_misc() deAPI. Clear status line after killing/switching buffer by name, lingering prompt after said action. Rename Debian package: mg - mg2a, provides mg. Check return value from all fopen() calls in internal log API. Duplicate definitions of global variables in def.h, found by GCC-10. Patched by Ulrich Mueller of Gentoo, via OpenBSD and Han Boetes. Avoid NULL deref in regexec when searching f
3.311 Dec 2019 20:49 major feature: Initial support for scheme-like scripting functionality to /.mg. Also included, lots of minor fixes.
3.227 Aug 2018 06:25 minor feature: New function: toggle-newline-prompt. From ibara/mg@befd2cf. Continuous integration support, Travis-CI, for macOS 10.10. Support for Cygwin, tested on Windows 10. Verified support for DragonFly BSD, NetBSD, FreeBSD, and OpenBSD. Adopt Debian packaging and adapt to this project. Add example /.mg from Han Boetes' portable Mg project. missing futimens() on older UNIX or Linux distributions, in particular macOS 10.13, by Martin KΓΌhl. From ibara/mg@4a4ac31. missing libutil.h detection on FreeBSD. missing LOGIN_NAME_MAX on macOS. missing st_mtim on macOS and NetBSD. missing FIONREAD on Cygwin. Silence compiler warning, uninitialized variable. From ibara/mg@f62f966.
3.121 Jul 2018 22:11 major feature: Latest features and fixes from OpenBSD, as well as lots of stability fixes from static code analysis.