Minicle 2.1.3

There are scads of CLI parsers out there, so why another one? Mostly because the others aim to do too much and can be a pain to use when you just need something quick and simple. All Minicle does is parse CLI options. It doesn't handle exotic edge cases, generate usage information, validate arguments, or anything else. It does handle all the usual basics plus git-style subcommands.

Tags user-interfaces javascript nodejs
License BSDL-2
State stable

Recent Releases

2.1.322 Mar 2024 07:47 minor feature:
1.0.503 Apr 2019 21:12 minor feature: Added support for git-style subcommands, getopt-style "--" end-of-switches marker, and substantially improved the documentation.
1.0.023 Mar 2019 02:10 major feature: Initial 1.0.0 release