Recent Releases

2.2.115 Feb 2018 15:15 minor feature: Lack of information in the final deliverable. Update template of third deliveries. CID/CIA translation in generateImpactsAppreciation for the deliveries . Removed useless dependencies to City entity. MONARC application: admin@admin.test:admin. SSH login: monarc:password. Mysql root login: root:30721818387165578a99ac1d5ec1395f114f0d8c7f9bbcdd8d3c3058b1276a88. Mysql MONARC login: sqlmonarcuser:3b64d5327a384d2e426d8265e68bc4e820f5f38b7a304663ff05da045eabf492.
2.2.002 Feb 2018 06:25 minor feature: Generate deliverable on 4th step of method. Export all of risk analysis data. Option of export tables in a csv file. Show version MONARC on left panel. Ensures new users (of the back office) are created with a level of Permissions. The back office displays the appropriate view based on the user permissions. Set the selected attribute for the search filter of models in the back office. User operational risk - tag. Operational risk - tag. Detach a tag from an asset. Operational risk importation. Various minor in the back office (management of models). MONARC application: admin@admin.test:admin. SSH login: monarc:password. Mysql root login: root:baa1bf66ec891f9e6dbf6dbe281f530c46da2158fe66091ac6b62eaeebb9054d. Mysql MONARC login: sqlmonarcuser:5eef25f5440470a202e0dfe46fb1360c9ae71bec3997f06cdeabc21b222a6a1d.
2.1.003 Jan 2018 00:06 minor feature: Version 2.1.0 of MONARC has been released including multiple bug fixes and enhancements. Enhancement cleaning of the initial database structure. split database model and data. simplify the panel to create new MONARC clients. improved the table of MONARC clients of the administration panel. removed all useless column of the clients table. removed cities and countries tables in the database. added a condition to hide/show probability field on Threats assessment. it is now possible to export a whole analysis (or an asset) in JSON or as an encrypted JSON file. Analysis exported with the legacy system can still be imported in MONARC. it is now mandatory to specify a level of permissions when creating a new user.