Recent Releases

0.829 Nov 2019 09:25 minor feature: Add a warning when the UUID of new a object is already taken;. Generation of MISP galaxies and clusters based on an object from MOSP;. Add a button in order to help the user generate a UUID easily;. Added a way to list the recently created/updated objects for an administrator;. Added shortcuts to create new users and organizations. Simplify the creation of new users/organizations;. The footprint of objects is no more displayed;. Improved the performances on JsonObject GET many by removing useless attributes from the result;. updated Bootstrap to the version 4.4.
0.713 Sep 2019 23:45 minor feature: it is now possible to specify linkgs between objects when creating a new one;. it is now possible to acces to an object with its id or with the UUID of the JSONB object attribute of this object (;. it is now possible to copy an object from one organization to an other;. it is now possible to download all JSON objects validated by a schema. Objects are returned in a flattened list;. The contact e-mail address from the terms page is now using the one defined in the configuration file;. Updated version of json-editor used in the project.
0.612 Mar 2019 06:25 minor feature: Added the possibility to link objects;. The footprint (SHA 256 sum of objects is now displayed);. Added the possibility to copy an object to the clipboard;. Added a terms page;. Improved the organization page;. Improved the admin/users page;. Minor UI.
0.525 Feb 2019 07:05 minor feature: Major improvements to the API. It is now possible to create a valid JSON Object programmatically with the HTTP POST method. The validity of the Submitted object is checked against the specified JSON schema;. The project has now an official logo;. a human.txt file has been added ( Various and UI improvements. All views have been improved;. a documentation is now available and will be improved (
0.406 Oct 2018 07:05 minor feature: it is now possible to select one or several licenses for an object. A Script is provided in order to initialize the database with licenses from;. The values of a JSON object can now be exported to a CSV file;. The management of permissions has been improved;. Added a new profile page for users;. Various and UI improvements.
0.3.011 Jun 2018 03:15 minor feature: New Web interface to list, create and edit JSON schemas;. Improved management of users. It is now possible to block a user;. Translations improvements;. Various UI improvements.
07 Jun 2018 20:12 minor feature: