Magic Assistant 1.5.0

Magic Assistant is a management tool for "Magic: The Gathering" players. It has a card browser and library, deck building features, and a MTG tournament organizer. It includes a MTG card database and online updates, also provides card searching and filters, deck charts, deck play simulation, booster pack randomizer, comparing card/deck prizes with vendors or other players.

Tags java swt eclipse card-games magic-the-gathering
License EPL
State stable

Recent Releases

1.5.002 May 2016 05:45 major bugfix: See Pretty pictures at What is New in 1.5.0 changes in ScryGlass import. Duplicate entries in Instances view. Show In menu in all views. Table headers now have its own menu to enable/disable columns. Added Selection view - show selected cards in gallery mode. Hidden Cards problem. Presentations - for deck view presentation mode: table, gallery, tree, etc. Gallery view - database view that shows only card images. Not a user feature but building now with Tycho/Maven. : tree paining on linux gtk 3.10. Feature: added life counter for draw/play page. Feature: disable some buttons if edit database activity is not enabled. enter deck text. Card loading optimizations. Optimizing quick filter control. Renamed Seller Price to Online Price and Price to User Price to avoid confusion. Added pane mode 600x400 into screenshot tool. editing comment in draw tab. Special Tag not (directly) written to main.xml. Option to ignore online-only sets and purge any already added. added duplicate and remove cards into edit dialog. Filtering sets - when multiple match. Added import/export examples. backward compatibility workspace loading. Added edition aliases field in set editor (preferences). Redid UI for import wizard. Added extending database wizard. with default import report type (Deck Classic). Problem with Color Identity filtering out too many cards. DB updates Masters 2015 and Tempest Remastered. with fantom filter. some with virtual settings. race conditions when opening non-existing decks and activation. Updated icon for deck view when it shows collection. major delay on clicking in Collections or Deck view. Update platform to eclipse 4.5 (Mars). race conditions between saving properties and loading from disk. in export when some category of cards is missing in HTML format. Error with legality entering Dragons of Tarkir cards. feature dependencies. Clarified error message for commander format. Reduced backup size by compressing
1.4.219 Jun 2015 07:25 minor feature: See Pretty pictures at What is New in 1.4.2 changes in Filtering English is broken. changes in Problem with Color Identity Colorless filtering out too many cards. Added edition aliases field in set editor (preferences). Renamed: Duel Decks: Elspeth vs. Kiora DDO March 2015 Starter Duel Decks Duel Decks: Kiora vs. Elspeth. Added: Modern Masters 2015 Edition MM2 May 2015 Online Modern Masters 2015. Added: Tempest Remastered TPR May 2015 Online . changes in Update to fix update issues. changes in Remove lock in refresh which is causing UI lag. Fixed race condition in loading collections which can cause data loss. changes in export not working in latest version, stack overflow. More fixed to MagicCardMarket prices provider. changes in Fixed issues with refreshing of views (introduced Fixed issue with inserting of cards in main collection (introduced Added MagicCardMarket prices scrubber (credits Bjoern Schmidt). Fixed layout of Info page. Fixed bug in currency showing in Info page for non dollar currency. changes in "Show Library" button in "Draw" view does nothing. Color column now will show images. Fixed CMC cost for 2/B type mana (is 2 before was 1). Removed columns for X mana cost in mana curve chart. Support for Color Indicator field (For color identity). changes in Laggy changes in "Card Navigation". Card Navigator does not update. Lockups. changes in Adding Cards Using Keyboard Only. UI Refresh issues and slowness when using quick filter. When using quick filter now top card is selected automatically. When adding card to add now added card is selected automatically in that deck. Added shortcut 'm' to move whole pile of card, compare to 1m - move 1 card. Issue of moving cards with same number of cards as pile. changes in Added set/rarity symbol to html export. Renamed Wizard html into Compact html. Html expor
1.4.109 Jan 2015 22:45 feature: See Pretty pictures at Feature Identity Support - added support for identity filter for colors. Fixed invalid values in Set filter page. Bug: fixed card reconcile. Feature :read only collection/deck. Bug: columns of deck randomly resetting to one column. Feature: import format auto-detect. Ownership column just show V or O letters. Bug: fixed exception when groupping . Bug: cost cc text is drawn to close to the right. Fixed land in Khans of Tarkir. Bug: restore to default does not work for "show only last set" filter option. Bug: fixed lagging on "Reset Filter". Docs updates. Nov 2014 01:05 minor bugfix: Feature Identity Support - added support for identity filter for colors (for commander). Fixed invalid values in Set filter page.