Recent Releases

0.1.330 Apr 2015 03:25 bugfix minor: This release is to unite all the bugfixes and minor changes committed until 0.2.0 is out.
0.1.204 Feb 2015 21:05 minor feature: This release signifies the coming of the SDL console. Lower part of the window is no longer empty, now it reacts to everything that's going on in the game. When starting a turn, the camera now returns to where a player has left it last turn. On mouse hovering over a ship, the information window displays its sprite along with the numbers. Crash while trying to save a random map by a user with long username. Makefile modified to build successfully on Windows (MinGW). Lower part of the window now is a notification area. Excessive calls to iface_mapout() eliminated to save CPU time. Ships no longer keep green tick marker after they have been moved. Ship debris are no longer an obstacle for cannobals.