Nice Editor 3.3.3

"ne" is a tiny programming editor for the terminal. It compiles and runs on any POSIX platform, provides standard keystrokes, and a very easy-to-use menu interface. ne has full UTF-8 support, syntax highlighting, a built-in scripting language for extensibility, unlimited undo/redo, autocompletion, and binary editing capabilities, and can work with rather large files even.

Tags c editor console developers posix
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

3.3.321 Oct 2023 11:45 minor feature: BracketedPaste support has been added; turns off AutoIndent when. Pasting text from the system clipboard.
3.3.228 Sep 2022 03:18 minor feature: Paste and PasteVert now set two bookmarks designated '' which are set to the start and end of the most recently pasted text. Accessed by the "GotoBookmark " commands. Two associated menu items have been added to the "Search" menu. Added toml.jsf syntax. Support '_' in numeric constants, binary and hex constants, imaginary numbers in go.jsf syntax. Now there is an uninstall target that uninstalls ne. Additionally load key bindings from /.ne/.keys- TERM .
3.3.118 May 2021 01:05 minor feature: The makefile has been made more distro friendly by making it possible to override all compiler and linker options. A workaround has been implemented to make --ansi (mostly) work when. Compiling with ncurses. A change to ncurses in 2012 made tgoto() not Working unless tgetent()/setupterm() are called first.
3.3.024 Jul 2020 12:05 major documentation: You can now Save ( A) named documents from within the SelectDoc (F4) requester. The mark, if set, is visible. Warning about opening a document with the same name as an existing document now considers the fully qualified canonical path and name of each rather than just their basenames. Status bar Modified flag (*) may also be underlined, indicating the corresponding file's modification time has changed since the document was loaded or saved.
3.2.002 Oct 2019 03:45 major feature: Macros: They now work across multiple documents. You can cancel macro recording, and append new recorded commands to your current macro. New documents inherit their predecessor's current macro, search, and replace strings. Saving of read-only documents requires confirmation. Word completion now does not consider the word the cursor is currently in, which helps in disambiguating. The option -h is now an alias for --help. Thanks to Lonnie Abelbeck for implementing this feature. Add asterisk.jsf syntax. FIND in string inputs brings up a requester with your input history. Use Enter to replace, TAB to insert into your input line; Escape to exit. Enhanced commands: MoveEOW, NextWord, and PrevWord can now move to either end of the indicated word via optional '' parameter modifiers. Requesters make better use of white space.
3.1.207 Oct 2018 14:45 minor bugfix: RepeatLast now accepts "Find" or "Replace" after its optional number so. You can explicitly repeat either operation even if the other was most Recently performed. We now use the xenl property to detect whether we can write on the last. Column of the last line, thus making the status bar complete.
3.1.106 Jun 2017 09:05 minor documentation: You can now oc ( Q) unmodified documents from within the SelectDoc (F4) requester.
3.019 Jun 2015 12:25 feature: ne is now fully 64-bit, and needs to be compiled by a C99-compliant compiler. Files can be of any size, provided that enough core memory is available. ne is able to read from named pipes. You can even pipe content into ne: it will be opened as the first document. It is now possible to interrupt searches (it used to be possible just to interrupt global replace actions). Word wrap has been reverted to pre-2.5: it preserves just whitespace, and it doesn't reparagraph at each line split or join. Paragraph keeps the usual smart features preserving comments, etc.
2.621 Apr 2015 06:05 major feature: Requesters (filenames, help, autocompletions, etc.) do progressive "fuzzy match" by typed characters, backspace. Document requester (F4) opens with cursor on the current document. Docs with unsaved changes are bold, flagged with "". F2/F3 reorder documents. Tab in Syntax command displays requester of extant syntax recognizers. You can now use AutoComplete in command line prompts. New SaveAll command saves all modified documents. Warns before saving over a file that was modified since the buffer was last loaded or saved. New command to join parens/braces/brackets as character pairs known to MatchBracket. New example macros: aspell, DeleteSOL. Add to special leading characters for re-wrapping Paragraphs. WordWrap no longer waits for the cursor to hit the right margin; it wraps on insertions and deletions now. Updates to ruby, erb, python, conf, many other syntax recognizers. Added these recognizers from the Joe project: ant batch classic_pascal comment_todo csharp debian differences elixir erlang git-commit go haml htmlerb ini iptables js json md powershell pp prolog properties sieve typescript whitespace YAML.