Notebook PEA 1.0

Notebook PEA protects texts using authenticated encryption (EAX mode) for confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity of the text, using the new key derivation function Catena-Dragonfly. Notebook PEA works like a self-decrypting archive (SDA): the plaintext is never stored on disk, instead it is displayed in a simple text editor with some styling functionality, redo/undo and copy, cut, paste commands.

Tags cryptography security text-editor java cross-plattform linux
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

1.006 Mar 2017 21:22 major feature: - Several text files can now be managed simultaneously, without restarting the program or re-entering the password. - Small changes in appearance. - A wait cursor indicates that the program is working. - fix of small errors
0.226 Jun 2016 09:07 minor feature: - Improvement of the internal proactive password-strenght checker (small list of most common passwords, consideration of prefixes, suffixes and some leet transformations) - new GUI: Nimbus Look Feel - saved paths of the encrypted files can be edited - button bar for some text formatting - more formatting options - minor improvement in usability - fix of small errors
0.111 May 2016 18:47 minor feature: