Notebook PEA 1.7

Notebook PEA protects texts using authenticated encryption (EAX mode) for confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity of the text. Notebook PEA works like a self-decrypting archive (SDA): the plaintext is never stored on disk, instead it is displayed in a simple text editor with some styling functionality, redo/undo and copy, cut, paste commands. Supports access to Nextcloud, Owncloud and other cloud providers that support the WebDAV protocol.

Tags cryptography security text-editor java cross-plattform linux cloud-support
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

1.729 May 2022 09:19 major feature: - Button to make links clickable or to make text editable appears always when many links are present or if set from menu if any link is present - Import bookmark files like exported files from browsers as links - Header H1-H6 for HTML files - Starting the program in the console and quick start with scripts - Additional default cryptographic algorithms: Serpent as cipher, SHA-512 as hash function - Minor features, GUI changes and bugfixes - Accessibility: Keyboard access improved
1.624 Jan 2022 08:22 major feature: - Setting of algorithms and parameters in one dialog - Key files can be added as a second security factor to the password - Changing and installing languages - Open encrypted files and initialize new files in the text editor - Minor features, GUI changes and bugfixes - Accessibility: Keyboard access improved
1.506 Jun 2021 10:24 major feature: - Default format is now HTML (RTF still supported). - Fix of a security related bug: if the password change process was started and aborted without a password, then the content was encrypted with a null password instead of the process being aborted. - Import of and export as HTML files. - Minor improvements and bugfixes
1.422 Apr 2021 06:04 major feature: - Libraries for cloud support were replaced so that the program runs now with Java 8 up to Java 17 - Search function: searching for a word in the opened text - Choosable algorithms for encryption, hash and key derivation - GUI is more accessible: larger resizable buttons that better show focus - Cloud performance: authorize only once to a provider - Minor bugfixes
1.302 Jun 2020 13:06 major feature: - Cloud access for Nextcloud, Owncloud and other providers, that support WebDAV - Search function: searching for a word in the opened text - Look for program updates in the menu - Same file name and content is now opened in one tab (and changes automatically saved in all) - Bug fix: When only the format was changed but not the text, changes were not saved automatically
1.226 Mar 2019 11:06 minor feature: - General settings for text area background, default font color, size and family, settings for color and font size of the PEA - Remembers last size and location - Accessibility: accessible description for all items and buttons if there is no tool tip text (english only), - Drag Drop of files in the password dialog - Bug fixex
1.107 Aug 2017 12:00 minor feature: - Java default accessibility support for custom components, accessible descriptions for images and icons (accessibility is still incomplete) - Managing several encrypted files and folders (tree view...) - Short cuts for character tables and virtual keyboard - Accessibility for visually impaired: set font size for session - start helper file for UNIX: find a appropriate Java version (will work for future versions). - Small GUI modifications: Different background colors encrypted and plain text, padlock symbol for encrypted status - Small usability improvements: File chooser starts at last selected folder, error messages if import of RTF/TXT failed, compatibility option for new files. - Backward compatibility with 1.6 before update 10
1.006 Mar 2017 21:22 major feature: - Several text files can now be managed simultaneously, without restarting the program or re-entering the password. - Small changes in appearance. - A wait cursor indicates that the program is working. - fix of small errors
0.226 Jun 2016 09:07 minor feature: - Improvement of the internal proactive password-strenght checker (small list of most common passwords, consideration of prefixes, suffixes and some leet transformations) - new GUI: Nimbus Look Feel - saved paths of the encrypted files can be edited - button bar for some text formatting - more formatting options - minor improvement in usability - fix of small errors
0.111 May 2016 18:47 minor feature: