Recent Releases

14.1030 Oct 2014 08:26 major feature: A selection of improvements in release 14.10: - Support for East Asian DBCS codepages - Copy paste to clipboard on Windows and Linux - MDA, Hercules, Olivetti, and monochrome EGA (SCREEN 10) video mode support - Better sound - Screen border emulation - Ability to specify alternative configuration files - Zipped packages for easy distribution of BASIC applications - Improved command-line interface, including Windows support - Support for reading UTF-8 encoded BAS files - Support for BAS files with Unix newlines - More better documentation - Lots of bug fixes.
14.0821 Aug 2014 23:55 minor feature: This release adds support for Tandy 1000 and PCjr BASIC, including 3-channel sound and noise generation, PLAY syntax. It also adds CGA display modes and a emulation of composite colorburst artifacts in SCREEN 2, and adapts font handling. Some documentation enhancements were made, and possibly a few bugs fixed.