PrestoMVC 1.5

Is a new lightweight PHP framework, made for people who is starting on the world of MVC patterns and wants to create new applications. supported php version > 5.6, 7 Databases supports many drivers (mysql, sqlite, PostgreSQL, mssql, sybase, Oracle Call Interface -oci-) Features Lightweight Framework Easy to install NOTORM Database Templates for each view Many and useful helpers Easy to manage Secure and fast

Tags mvc framework php
License MITL
State initial

Recent Releases

1.503 Dec 2016 08:25 minor feature: javascript files. paginator. Revert "javascript files". Merge branch 'master' of Assets. footer added jquery. favicon 404 error. email class bc, and bcc funcitons. Uploading Assets + script folder rename. Notorm description changed. Partial loading. stylesheet typo. partial extension php. router. Better support for partials. Router, Support for any and optimizations. params in routes. Optimizations to router. TempData allows to pass messages between http requests. deletes extra constant. Improvements and Optimizations. double quoted problem in routes. Route. Clean up. Added more special chars. Auth test constants. Revert "Auth test constants ". Database class. Revert "Database class". Database class. Auth redefined constants. folder log missing. New Database. Event class. Boot changes to support Events.
1.418 Oct 2016 03:15 minor feature: Now it is possible to use middleware on routes and on controllers.
1.3.114 Oct 2016 03:15 minor feature: Render. View 404. Template error. Cookie destroy function + request post + auth login problem.
1.310 Oct 2016 03:15 minor feature: database count. Paginator Helper. modules.
1.106 Oct 2016 03:15 minor feature: Can now register libraries. New deger for presto.
1.001 Oct 2016 19:23 minor feature: