Recent Releases

HL7 engine 2.027 Apr 2015 23:11 major feature: Major release with multiple new features, including properties to retrieve indexed constituents of message sections, handlers for BLG, BPO and FT1 segments and fields introduced with HL7 v2.8
Unit converter 1.3.208 Nov 2014 06:46 minor bugfix: Bug-fix release resolving an issue that resulted in erroneous conversion if unit prefixes contained non-ASCII characters.
HL7 engine 1.6.120 Aug 2014 22:20 minor bugfix: Bug fixes.
HL7 engine 1.618 Aug 2014 17:51 minor feature: Introduces handler for MLLP protocol.
Unit converter 1.3.131 Jul 2014 06:56 minor feature: Re-introducing support for Delphi, Delphi XE and Embarcadero RAD Studio in addition to Lazarus and Free Pascal.
HL7 engine 1.530 Jul 2014 20:03 minor feature: Support for SPM and PV2 segments and for new fields that were introduced in HL7 2.7
Unit converter 1.330 Jul 2014 20:02 minor feature: Update implementing support for precalculating conversion factors and for additional prefixes
30 Jul 2014 00:23 minor feature: