Recent Releases

0.9.1326 May 2018 12:45 minor feature: Add the first roll of an automated testing system. a FreeBSD compatibility. Update the.spec file to create a '-test' RPM subpackage. -a Add a missing setting for cursor_on_tag (ct). -b a about non-printable characters. -V Output the version tag on standard output. -D Add a 'decorate' directive. -D Handle multiple instances of the same directive. a logic error in the direct access code. an horizontal scrolling when going to the last word. Clean up the allocated gutter array before leaving in case of error. Understand some more terminfo sequences. the right margin and add a degraded method to display it. Improve the manual. Various other small.
0.9.1209 Apr 2018 09:05 minor feature: the cursor restoration. a Solaris incompatibility. italic handling. the replacement of subexpressions (-S,-I,-E). a in the columns inclusion logic. the impossibility to use the letter 't' in search mode. possible display errors when the terminal is resized. Make sure that the timers does not alter the redrawing of the window. Add word numbering to allow direct access through their number (-N,-U,-F,-D). Improve The manual. Allow the u notation for UTF-8 characters in more places. Improve the -T option and add the related -P option. Add the -p for use with the -P and -T options. The gutter option (-g) now accepts a parameter. Adopt the NO_COLOR standard ( Improve the navigation by understanding more keys and key combinations. Understand CTRL+L to redraws the window in case of corruption. Exit from search mode when a direction key is hit. Adjust some values of timers. Remove deprecated directives in -C and -L. Various other small and improvments.
0.9.1126 Jan 2018 10:25 minor feature: a potential misplacement of the scroll bar in column mode . Delete some declarations of unused variables. . some typos, alignments and compilation warnings about type incomp . . Typo in a prototype name. . Clarify the isempty function code and description. . an off by one error. . Make the gutter display also available in column mode. . Add a pass to try to remove empty words due to substitution. . Hopefully the placement of the scroll bar in all cases. . some typos. . -S/-I/-E fails to manage patterns leading to empty strings in groups. . Improve the management of word becoming blank or empty. . Update the animated gif demo. . Improve message (-m) placement in centered mode. . The last word is always the last of its line. . the wide option when in column or tabulation mode. . Keep non selectable blank words to allow special effects. . Make sure that non-printable chars in words are expanded. . isempty should consider all non printable characters as spaces. . Introduce the u notation for UTF-8 hex sequences. . Cosmetic and typos. . the method of identifying an empty word. . Update the man page. . Update the Changelog file for the new release. . Bump to release 0.9.11.
0.9.1011 Dec 2017 05:45 minor feature: A giant commit because a lot of things have been rewritten/enhanced
0.9.925 Dec 2016 00:06 minor feature: the display of tagged words when the 'cursor_on_tag' attribute is?. Ignore EOF when a scancode contains an escape sequence. Add code to detect the host system at compile time. Add forgotten config.sub and config.guess. Improve the configure process. Replace strdup by a more secure version. Small code cleanup. some typos. Improve the manual. Replace the UTF8 validation routine with a more compact version. Bump to version 0.9.9.
0.9.824 Dec 2016 22:12 minor feature: