Recent Releases

0.9.1126 Jan 2018 10:25 minor feature: a potential misplacement of the scroll bar in column mode . Delete some declarations of unused variables. . some typos, alignments and compilation warnings about type incomp . . Typo in a prototype name. . Clarify the isempty function code and description. . an off by one error. . Make the gutter display also available in column mode. . Add a pass to try to remove empty words due to substitution. . Hopefully the placement of the scroll bar in all cases. . some typos. . -S/-I/-E fails to manage patterns leading to empty strings in groups. . Improve the management of word becoming blank or empty. . Update the animated gif demo. . Improve message (-m) placement in centered mode. . The last word is always the last of its line. . the wide option when in column or tabulation mode. . Keep non selectable blank words to allow special effects. . Make sure that non-printable chars in words are expanded. . isempty should consider all non printable characters as spaces. . Introduce the u notation for UTF-8 hex sequences. . Cosmetic and typos. . the method of identifying an empty word. . Update the man page. . Update the Changelog file for the new release. . Bump to release 0.9.11.
0.9.1011 Dec 2017 05:45 minor feature: A giant commit because a lot of things have been rewritten/enhanced
0.9.925 Dec 2016 00:06 minor feature: the display of tagged words when the 'cursor_on_tag' attribute is?. Ignore EOF when a scancode contains an escape sequence. Add code to detect the host system at compile time. Add forgotten config.sub and config.guess. Improve the configure process. Replace strdup by a more secure version. Small code cleanup. some typos. Improve the manual. Replace the UTF8 validation routine with a more compact version. Bump to version 0.9.9.
0.9.824 Dec 2016 22:12 minor feature: