Recent Releases

7.1.020 Jun 2015 18:14 minor feature: This update provides some minor improvements and bugfixes. All the dialogs are now using the new JavaFX spinner and formatted text field controls for easier input. Full support for HiDPI / Retina displays has been added (tested on Mac OS X) and the translations has been updated. The native installers now contain Java 8u45 which provides a lot of JavaFX bugfixes.
7.0.027 Feb 2015 14:09 major feature: Full rewrite of the complete user interface by using JavaFX. New look feel (now also perfect on Linux) and a new icon set based on the IcoMoon project. Native SportsTracker packages and installers for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux with an embedded Java Runtime, a Java installation is not needed anymore. Instant input validation in all SportsTracker dialogs. Replay of exercise tracks on the map viewer in ExerciseViewer. New korean translation and updates for french and spanish.