Subtitle Composer 0.8.1

GUI and text based subtitle editor. Open/Save Text Subtitle Formats SubRip/SRT, WebVTT, MicroDVD, SSA/ASS, MPlayer, TMPlayer and YouTube captions OCR/Open Graphics Subtitle Formats VobSub (.idx/.sub/.rar), BluRay/PGS (*.sup), formats supported by ffmpeg (DVD/Vob, DVB, XSUB, HDMV-PGS) Demux Graphics/Text Subtitle Stream from video file SRT, SSA/ASS, MOV text, MicroDVD, Graphic formats supported by ffmpeg (DVD/Vob, DVB, XSUB, HDMV-PGS) Speech Recognition from audio/video file using PocketSphinx Smart Language/Text encoding detection Integrated Video Player with live subtitle preview, lots of supported formats (FFmpeg), audio stream selection Preview/editing of subtitles on Audio Waveform with audio stream selection Quick and easy subtitle sync: Dragging several anchors/graftpoints and stretching timeline Time shifting and scaling, lines duration re-calculation, framerate conversion, etc. Joining and splitting of subtitle files Side-by-side subtitle translations/editing Text styles (italic, bold, underline, stroke, color), CSS classes and WebVTT voice tags Subtitle position/alignment editing and live preview Spell checking Detection of timing errors in subtitles JavaScript scripting support

Tags subtitle video audio kde cpp javascript
State development

Recent Releases

0.8.123 May 2024 12:25 minor bugfix: (rare) memory and crashes. Crashes on waveform widget. Video player rendering in Qt 6.7. Scripts manager assert failures. Inability to view non-script files in scripts manager. Seeking in some media formats. Video player subtitle rendering. Broken rendering on hi-res videos. HDR video rendering (SMPTE-ST-2084 gamma transfer). Added check for maximum number of characters per line. Added MinT translate engine. Improved translation support and UI. Improved video player scaling. Dropped KIO file operations.
0.8.007 Feb 2024 18:57 major feature: - Fixed video player on GLES only hardware - Fixed skewed video on video player - Fixed closing fullscreen video player - Fixed subtitles under fullscreen video toolbar - Fixed video player media state notifications - Fixed subtitle video overlay font size accuracy - Fixed deadlock/crash while changing audio stream on paused/stopped media - Improved Waveform widget performance - Fixed waveform misalignment due to rounding error - Fixed waveform widget drawing on null image and painting of removed lines - Fixed waveform default zoom scale - Fixed subtitle text line separator draw on LinesWidget - Fixed unbreak lines (newline searches in QTextDocument) - Fixed crash in split lines - Fixed VobSub import ignoring Text styles - Fixed VobSub crash when moving to previous image - Fixed YouTubeCaptions format parsing/saving - Fixed undo/redo actions creation order, incorrect state - Fixed some memory and saving issues - Fixed embedded ASS decoding - Fixed example remove hearing impaired script - Fixed broken about dialog - Added Qt6 support - Added WebVTT format support - Added subtitle positioning UI and support - Added subtitle class/comments/voice UI and support - Improved rich text editing/preview - Rich text rendering on waveform/video/editors - Added DeepL translate engine - Added Google Cloud translate engine - Recreated translation interface - Added/improved ffmpeg 5 support - Subtitle lines are always time sorted; remove sort lines menu action - Replaced Kross with QJSEngine, removed ruby and python support - Improved script manager and tools menu