UBOS beta9

UBOS is a new Linux distro that aims to make it 10x easier to run server-side apps for yourself, or for your family, on hardware you own. It does by providing single-command web application install, uninstall, backup/restore and systems upgrade, including all server configuration, database provisioning, data migration etc. UBOS now also provides single-command network configuration, including DHCP, mDNS, DNS, firewall, masquerading and integration with Letsencrypt.

Tags home-automation http-server site-management system backup installation operating-system software-distribution systems-administration end-user
License Mixed
State beta

Recent Releases

beta910 Nov 2016 18:14 major feature: One-command installation of Nextcloud 10. One-command upgrade from ownCloud to Nextcloud, and from Nextcloud 9 to Nextcloud 10. Added some Wordpress themes and plugins. Automatic file system snapshots protect against failing upgrades. Not that those should ever happen, but let s be safe instead of sorry. The development of UBOS-based appliances has become simpler and more secure. Various bug fixes and improvements. All images for all platforms has been updated (PC, Raspberry Pi Zero/1/2/3, BeagleBone Black, Docker, Cloud, Container)
beta817 Aug 2016 18:00 minor feature: When creating a new site with ubos-admin createsite, you can now easily install several apps at the same site. For example, you could run your Wordpress blog at example.com/blog and your Nextcloud family file sharing at example.com/files. The command has been restructured to allow you to enter multiple apps. You can now restore old backups to new apps. For example, if you d like to migrate your ownCloud installation to Nextcloud, all you need to do is to create a backup of your ownCloud site with ubos-admin backup and then tell ubos-admin restore that you d like to migrate. It s really easy. UBOS now has the beginnings of internet protocol 6 (IPv6) support. Various bug fixes and improvements.
beta708 Jul 2016 16:19 major feature: Native Amazon EC2 image Raspberry Pi 3 support (in addition to Zero, 1 and 2) Off-site backups to Amazon S3, which may be encrypted, in a single command New applications Nextcloud and Mattermost Letsencrypt integration, for a single-command deployment of a web app at a virtual host with automatically provisioned SSL certificate E-mail from behind the firewall support via Amazon SES And lots more
beta614 Dec 2015 21:16 major feature: UBOS now runs on the Raspberry Pi Zero, in addition to the original one and version 2. UBOS now also runs on Docker. The new network configuration public-gateway lets you set up your UBOS device as a router for your home network, and access your apps on your public IP address, with a single command. And of course the usual: some packages have been upgraded, bugs have been fixed etc.
beta508 Dec 2015 22:53 major feature: New images to run UBOS in Linux containers on x86_64 and ARM. Single-command network configuration including home routers. Many application upgrades. Improved developer tools. Better build process.
beta313 Mar 2015 16:58 major feature: * ARM v7 support: Raspberry Pi 2, and Beagle Bone Black * Introducing the UBOS Staff for easy ssh setup without keyboard or monitor * Bug fixes and other improvements
beta210 Feb 2015 18:47 major bugfix: * new installer * easy setup of SSL/TLS websites * Bonjour/mDNS/zeroconf * many bug fixes
beta 118 Dec 2014 01:50 major feature: First public beta on x86_64 and Raspberry Pi.