WeeChat 1.1

WeeChat is a light-weight and fast cross-platform chat client. It primarily supports IRC and runs on the console, albeit there are graphical frontends (HTML5, JavaScript, Emacs, Android). It supports IPv6, Socks5, SASL, SSL certificates and SSH, can function as IRC proxy, spell checking, 256 colors. And it's highly extensible via Python, Lua, TCL, Guile, Ruby and Perl scripts in addition to C plugins. There are extensions for Jabber/XMPP or Twitter for instance.

Tags c chat internet-relay-chat irc
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

1.112 Jan 2015 06:25 major feature: Complete inline commands in input. Allow incomplete commands if unambiguous. Improve speed of completions. Add bar item and signals for mouse status. Use bar conditions on root bars. Add option "reorder" in command /server. Open irc channel buffers before the join is received from server. Add server option "sasl_fail". Add support for color codes 16-99 in IRC messages. Disable SSLv3 by default. Add support of IRC capability "extended-join". Add options "stop" and "start" in command /relay. Use HTTPS by default in script plugin for downloads. Add option "restore" in command /trigger. Evaluate and replace regex groups at same time in trigger (new and incompatible format). Many bugs fixed.
1.016 Aug 2014 08:04 minor feature: New plugins include "trigger", a swiss army knife for WeeChat (replaces rmodifier), and the "exec" module for chaining to external programs (replaces shell.py). It now supports plain text and URL selection with the mouse, setting environment variables per /set command, hidden buffers, negated tags in filters and toggling them in specific buffers. Flexible conditions for adding/removing buffers in hotlist. Text search in buffers works with free content. Support of wildcard "*" inside masks, and support of nested variables in evaluated expressions. Tag with host in IRC messages displayed. Support of "away-notify" IRC capability. New IRC commands: /allpv, /remove, /unquiet. Bar items: buffer_short_name, irc_nick_modes. Unit tests were introduced and hence many bugs fixed.