WildMIDI 0.4.6

WildMIDI is a simple software midi player which has a core softsynth library that can be used in other applications. The WildMIDI library uses Gravis Ultrasound patch files to convert MIDI files into audio which is then passed back to the calling application. The library API is designed so that it is easy to include WildMIDI into applications that wish to include MIDI file playback.

Tags audio music synthesizer midi c
License Mixed
State initial

Recent Releases

0.4.601 Apr 2024 13:25 minor feature: A lot of player clean-up and refactoring, thanks to initial work by Azamat H. Hackimov. Ability to choose which audio output backends to include in the build system: see the cmake script for the relevant `WANT_???` options. Player's `--help` command line switch lists the available backends. Thanks to initial work by Azamat H. Hackimov. New player audio output backends: coreaudio for macOS, sndio for OpenBSD. Workaround a link failure on AmigaOS4 with newer SDKs (). Other minor source clean-ups.
0.4.507 Feb 2024 17:34 minor bugfix: * Fixed MUS drum channels 9 and 15 being swapped if the same file is played twice from the same memory buffer (bug #234). * Player: Fixed save midi reading wrong argv if there are no path seperators (bug #227). * Other code and build system clean-ups.