Worker File Manager 4.12.1

Worker is a file manager for X11 with a classical two-panel and tabbed interface. It features an accessible configuration menu, binding external programs to hotkeys or menu buttons, and configurable commands per filetype. It can obviously edit, copy, rename files, directories and symlinks, set permissions, filtering, can also access virtual file systems (zip/tar/archive browsing, ftp access), includes a text viewer, search functionality, directory bookmarks, and media mounting.

Tags c++ x11 file-manager directory-browser
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

4.12.108 Mar 2023 03:15 minor patch: This release fixes a compilation problem with older openssl versions.
4.12.005 Mar 2023 03:15 minor feature: This release adds a configurable alternative font for the text view which can be used to use a monospace font if needed. The text selection and copy and paste has been improved as well. Other improvements and bug fixes have been done too.
4.11.019 Sep 2022 03:15 minor feature: This release improves the list view context menus to allow stashing active filters. The copy command can be configured with specific overwrite modes. The directory command can ignore file name case when comparing files. Other improvements and bug fixes have been done too.
4.10.128 Apr 2022 03:15 minor feature: This release improves the path jump feature to support locking the view to a specific directory and to not block when browsing the list and background existence test is still running. Also, the git scripts for virtual dirs of git related files support subdir views.
4.10.008 Dec 2021 03:15 minor feature: This release adds a dialog to show the log of file operations. The path jump dialog has been improved to optionally hide non-existing entries dynamically and also supports an archive of unused entries to speed up regular usage. When filtering the list view, a starting dot will automatically show hidden files for faster access. More dialogs can be closed with the Escape key. The performance of directory read has been improved on some operating systems.
4.9.029 Aug 2021 03:15 minor feature: This release improves the chmod command to allow to apply a fixed set of permissions without a user dialog. Some low-level registered commands has been added and these commands can be executed interactively even if they require an argument. A problem with the tmp dir being mounted as noexec has been fixed as well as problems with a tmp dir containing spaces an other special characters.
4.8.101 May 2021 21:00 minor patch: This release fixes a crash with XFT and fixes some other minor issues.
4.8.006 Apr 2021 03:15 minor feature: This release adds an option to the pattern select command to directly apply the filter. The path jump feature can show relative paths and it can also be configured to start with several default settings. A crash has been fixed when background file existence tests use all available threads so it now blocks until resources become available again. Also, the background test can be disabled for some or all directories.
4.7.003 Feb 2021 03:15 minor feature: This release adds a customizable list view bar with results from external commands which allows to show the current git branch of the current repo, for example. The pattern select command has been improved and some issues with the directory compare command has been fixed.
4.6.104 Dec 2020 03:15 minor patch: This releases fixes a compilation problem when openssl is not available. It also updates some translations.
4.6.029 Nov 2020 03:15 minor feature: This releases improves the dir comparison feature by allowing to find matching files regardless of the name. It also fixes a problem with executing custom actions of parent file types.
4.5.126 Aug 2020 03:15 minor patch: This releases fixes a compilation problem on 32-bit architectures.
4.5.014 Aug 2020 03:15 minor feature: File types can now have a priority to be able to adjust the way which file type is selected for a given file. There are also some minor improvements and fixes.
4.4.013 Apr 2020 03:15 minor feature: A new help command allows to get list of assigned command for a clicked button or pressed key. The file type check for the current entry is now done always before any other file to speed up access to file type action.
4.3.028 Feb 2020 03:15 minor feature: The file type name can now contain the mime type by using the flag mimetype as part of the name. Tthe start prog command also uses the mime type of unknown files for separate history.
3.12.027 Oct 2017 12:38 minor bugfix: -added new command "compare directories" -when updating the current directory, keep the inotify watch so changes are not missed anymore -when reloading a directory, the file type of files with a changed file size is reset if it was not detected previously. -fix some compiler warnings -the number of hidden files and directories are now shown in the state bar.
3.8.317 Jul 2016 08:24 minor bugfix: This release brings better relative symlink generation, and the path database update has been improved. There is a fix for X11 out-of-memory issues.