Recent Releases

0.7.0-rc119 Oct 2014 03:45 major feature: Disable old import style for wxPython 3.0. Add missing styles for wxNotebook . Use Python logging facility instead of print statements. Rework quoting and escaping of special character sequences. Rework internal path handling. Write always an error log file. Improve widget import to be able to import widgets from ZIP files. Change configuration default to remember the position and geometry of the three main windows. This change effects fresh installations only. adapt GUI to run with wxPython 2.6 till 3.0. Unify the code generation of widget specific code This change causes some minor changes in the generated code. Add Lisp and Perl support for wxDatePickerCtrl. Disable Lisp for wx 3.0. Use SetToolTip() instead of SetToolTipString() for wxPython 3.x. Use configurable indents instead of hard coded tabs in wxFrame code for Perl. Fix escape sequences in Unicode strings were escaped twice Perl and Python. Wrong Lisp statement in wxHyperlinkCtrl and wxFrame. Prevent code generation from a template file by commandline invocation. Fix bug in generation of valid hash keys for Perl. Fix various issues during transformation from XRC into wxGlade. Fix wrong conditions to generate application start code (sf bug #161). Don't convert first char of a XRC extraproperty to upper case (sf bug #163).