Recent Releases

0.1.923 Dec 2015 22:23 major feature: Added manpage. Added path to pixmaps folder to config and options. moved to autotools project. Re-arranged layers so that flyers trees and figures don't appear in front of settled snow.
0.1.721 Dec 2014 19:03 major feature: Installed INSTALL file to /usr/share/doc/XDecorations/. This is the last release that will write to the root window as most distros seem to block this one way or another. Settling snow etc does NOT work on ubuntu unity but is fine for xfce,kde,mint gnome,lxde. Added y offsets for snow etc settling on windows. Added y offsets for snow etc settling on bottom. Added packaging script thanks to Mario for that. Added different max settling height to windows. Changed some option names. Added falling settling on windows. Split source code into seperate files. Added falling settling at bottom of screen.
0.1.612 Dec 2014 17:25 minor feature: Added new snowmen. Added 2 different size santas. Added new Xmas tree lights. Added 2 new Xmas trees.
0.1.524 Nov 2014 15:45 minor feature: Can now change figure/tree/lamps variables from watched configfile. Can now change falling/flying variables from watched configfile. falling objects speed etc re randomized after reaching bottom. Started to add watch config. Can now set flyer image chosen from random loaded flyers (default) or sequentially (use negative number). Can now set the number of flying objects. Added clouds to Autumn. Can now write config file to stdout (use - as the argument to writeconfig). Added 'Weather' theme. Added -minfallspeed to options. Added rain to Autumn. Falling animations now go either backward or fowards randomly. Gusts now affect flyers. Added two extra lamp sets to xmas theme. Added different flash types to lamps. Added animations to flying objects. Randomized anim start position of falling objects.