Recent Releases

1.17.005 Feb 2015 01:25 minor feature: Integration of the xf86-video-modesetting DDX driver. Better GLAMOR support. DIR2: Set vdpau driver name if ddx does not provide any driver name. RANDR: attempt to fix primary on slave output (v2). config/udev: Respect seat assignments when assigned devices. Update to version 1.17.0, bump ABI version. OS: Fix timer race conditions.
1.16.017 Jul 2014 16:29 major feature: This release integrates Glamor, the GL-based X acceleration subsystem which offers reasonable performance and avoids software rendering fallbacks most of the time. It also ships with XWayland, which is a X server integrated into a Wayland display server (that in turn uses Glamor for rendering). Systemd integration improves launching, management, boot performance and a bit reliability. Thousands of compiler warnings were eliminated. Glamor also works for Xephyr, the X-on-X implementation supposed to become the primary development target for the 2D acceleration subsystem. Better Non-PCI device support for unenumerated graphics devices for seamless autoconfiguration.
1.15.227 Jun 2014 19:56 minor bugfix: Fixes in the XQuartz module, Fix origin of source picture in fbGlyphs, documentation about the DontZap option was adapted, overflows in checking extension versions were corrected, and in Xi: block SIGIOs while copying device classes around.