YAWL 3.0

YAWL (Yet Another Workflow Language) is a BPM/workflow management system implemented in Java. It provides a lean but powerful modelling language, handles complex data transformations, and integrates with intranet and external resources or services. YAWL include an auto updater, component management, supports control-flow and resource patterns, provides data perspectives using XML Schema, XQuery and Xpath, files for data passing, non-human resources, timing, task documentation, logging using OpenXES, process configuration, custom forms, and adpatable verification schemes.

Tags java tomcat workflow bpm
License GNU LGPL
State stable

Recent Releases

3.018 Oct 2014 14:05 minor feature: This is the final version 3.0 release of the YAWL Environment. The primary focus of this release has been a complete rewrite of the the YAWL Editor, and so this release mainly features enahncements and bugfixes over the 3.0beta release of the Editor. Data binding summary dialog. Auto-generation of default initial values for non-string data types. Added plugin toolbar for task decorators. Removed various long-standing threading issues. Complete rewrite of net printing functionality. Added syntax highlighting for log predicates.