Recent Releases

1.0.4028 Oct 2016 20:25 minor feature: HTML Data Type. Laravel 5.3. Installation.
1.0.3724 Oct 2016 06:25 minor feature: Schema in Migrations. Auth Controllers Required for Laravel 5.3. 5.3 Controllers. Test case changes in Laravel 5.3. User Model in Laravel 5.3. L5.3 - Removed Authenticatable + AuthenticatableContract. Extrend User to Authenticatable. Laravel 5.3 Middleware Changes. Log setDefaultRoleAccess. Laravel 5.3.
1.0.3623 Oct 2016 09:05 minor feature: DB Config in LAInstall - Blank Password. Installation Improvements. 1.0.36 - Installation Improvements.
1.0.3404 Oct 2016 20:25 minor feature: Taginput display. Admin_routes L5.2. Maxlength maxlength. Defaultvalue. . Merge branch 'master' of 404 Page for Modules. Packaging for 5.3. 404 for edit. . Controllers Upgrade. 1.0.34 - Laravel 5.3.
1.0.3129 Sep 2016 03:45 minor feature: Update Controller Stub. Added icon selection. Added icon on module creation. Update index.blade.php. Update ModuleController.php. Update Module.php. Added icon on module creation. Removed default cube icon. Update GUI. Added icon in generateConfig. Added icon in config generation. Dwij IT Solutions Credits. Update edit.blade.stub. Send mail to User After Registration. Merge branch 'master' of Validator minimum integer values. fa_icon generate migration. Fa Icon for Migrations. Fa Icon for Migrations. Files Display Field. Module Listing. Checkbox. Module::create_field_schema used in field creation. Optimised - dtajax Value Lookup created by @slozano95. getFieldValue. in existing controllers. Module Perm Role Arr. Get Module Access for all roles. getRoleAccess Renaming. small. Update . Merge branch 'master' of Modular Permission set + Impl. Remaining. Save the permissions for role in permission view. UI Improvements. . Extra param in La Input. Role name should be in CAPITAL. Edit Header Changes. Module::hasAccess created. la_access blade directives. Sidebar la_access. hasAccess Module Name Allowed. . Module::hasFieldAccess Done + Applied. Apply Roles to Employees. indent. Roles Access Control. Default Role Permissions. Access based stubs. la:crud. @la_field_access. listing_cols access. sortable_module_fields Done. LaraAdminSeeder + Packaing Seeds. Install Seeder. Set Full Access For Super Admin Role. User Email. Code Editor. setDefaultRoleAccess. Set Readonly Access to Created New role. Added direct access from modules. Added direct access to sort and access. Update show.blade.php. Added update route for module updates. Added module update. Change to add external admin routes. Moved admin routes to external file. Change route addition path. Changed to add routes to different file. Changed to add routes to different file. Module Field Sort. Merge branch 'master'
1.0.3016 Sep 2016 15:25 minor feature: Entrust Alias for Blade Directives. Entrust.
1.0.2911 Sep 2016 16:25 minor feature: SoftDeletes deleted_at. SoftDeletes deleted_at.0.29.
1.0.2402 Sep 2016 03:15 minor feature: Get Upload File Path. Files Field Type started. css changes. uploaded_file2 remove done. File Changes. files add done. Submit need to be. Multiple File Upload Done. No yet. remove comments. Version 1.0.14 - New Field Type - Files.
1.0.1729 Aug 2016 05:47 minor bugfix: