Recent Releases

1.424 Mar 2020 19:11 minor release: * If the configuration is set to "plugin.internal.unknown 1", do not display the unknown state as error * Allow one to click on graph or values div on the day page, not on the plugin page
1.306 Feb 2020 12:41 minor release: * AJAX to graph to parallelize the requests to server. Need a little bit more memory on server * Put the critical in red * Manage the -l 0 in graph_args to set the min limit to zero in graph * Munin limits : can be overloaded in /etc/munin/munin.conf too
1.218 Nov 2019 08:45 minor release: * Add day/week/month/year graphs * Catch the execution errors of RRDFetch and display them * Add the actual value in text array * Add a link on host on top of page when one module is choosed to go back on all the host modules
1.109 Nov 2019 03:15 minor release: * Add its own licence for PlotLy JS library * In case of negative entry, use the same color than the positive one * Autoscroll should be enabled as soon as the window screen is 1024px width
05 Nov 2019 14:48 minor feature:
1.005 Nov 2019 13:31 minor release: * First working version