RedMatrix 2.3

The RedMatrix (aka "red") is an open source webapp providing a complete decentralised publishing, sharing, and communications system. It combines communications (private messaging, chat and social networking), and media management (photos, events, files, web pages, shareable apps) with enough features to make your head spin. What makes the RedMatrix unique is what we call "magic authentication" - which is based on our groundbreaking work in decentralised identity services. This ties all RedMatrix sites and channels together into a single super-network where the boundaries between different websites are blurred or seemingly non-existent; where "who you are" has nothing to do with "what computer you're connected to", and where website content can adapt itself according to who is viewing it.

Tags social security privacy decentralized communications media encryption php
License MITL
State stable

Recent Releases

2.318 Mar 2015 07:25 minor feature:
2.2.126 Feb 2015 12:05 minor feature: don't send deleted items upstream - only downstream. solve some (hopefully most) missing delivery issues. call post_local hooks prior to storing a post that is going to be sou?. Found the cause of the delete looping, and I can prevent it going for?. this may actually fix the deliver loop when deleting existing items. ?. syntax - missing arg
2.226 Feb 2015 04:45 minor feature: diaspora public posts not delivering to sys channel if there were no ?. typo/cleanup pg only. escape dates. Merge branch 'master' of make file activity respect parent dir permissions work. forgot to remove some debug stuff. typo. author profile photo in reshare wasn't linked. increase size of rating value to make it stand out a bit. collapse overly-verbose ratings. Merge into pending_merge. another issue with diaspora postings to sys channel - sys has no conn?. over-ride permissions for sys channel delivery from diaspora. allow post expiration to be set from a config (and therefore a plugin?. event form cleanup backported from trinidad - still need to style the?. style the checkboxes in the event form. fix objurl until get_rel_link() gets sorted. get_rel_link broken - also weekly doc updates. more doc updates. Merge into pending_merge. revert to get_rel_link(). Update Swedish strings. Changed a heading Added the comparison. No idea how it rend?. restrict "mark all events seen" to only the events that are presented?. Merge into pending_merge. make default calendar view ambivalent to the state of the ignore flag. generate the correct service permalink. first cut at putting editor tools in event form. undo extra logging. we still need an event preview but this looks a lot better. Merge branch 'event_edit'.
2.106 Feb 2015 06:25 minor feature: revup. more backend work on poco rating. Merge into pending_merge. backend for mailhost addon. editing stuff for poco reputation. poco rating - add a test module for pulling out ratings. Merge branch 'pocorate'. make sure mod/prep follows the poco_rating allow preference. document the poco reputation kill switch. more heavy lifting on poco rep. errors in mod_poco. fix to poco chatrooms. validate poco chatrooms before storing. mod_prep usability enhancements, doc updates. more doc updates. Fix some issues with tagging. edited the text to better reflect how the system works from a user pe?. Looked through the whole doc/-folder more or less. Added and commente?. Fix bug with groups and autocomplete. Remove accidental logging. Fixed #846 Viewing event from calendar displays event. Don't try to open unexisting files in help. Database schema documentation. Fixed bbode element toc for webpages. basic proof of concept file activity support - will send activity via?. fix profile tabs link. fix goaway link. fix link. Added table of contents for FAQs doc. translation of 2 helpfiles to swedish. Merge branch 'master' of git:// into dev_reds?. don't unset a directory server which has no active channels and hence?. remove unrecognised code comment from markdown text. remove all hardwired references to 'cloud' in the files interfaces an?. fix update 1131 for postgres databases. fix postgres escaping. allow system-loaded (i.e. pecl-oauth) to coexist. typo. Merge into pending_merge. make typo.php descend into include/RedDAV. Fix issue #865. Fix autocomplete with groups. put cloud back in get_cloudpath - just have to be careful where we us?. Merge into pending_merge. Change link label from Feature settings to Feature/Addon settings to ?. oauth permissions table. poco rating variable getting over-written before local storage. as a workaround make nav-searc
2.018 Dec 2014 03:16 minor feature:
1.1120 Nov 2014 03:16 minor feature:
1.627 Jun 2014 11:44 minor feature: Better event management, Minor doc fixes, more app backend work, add optional context to translations, make it possible to edit/delete apps via /apps/personal/edit, Make tag delivery work when channel name differs from profile name, system app updates, bookmarks app, fix cloud path, Fix photo updates in appman. Possible fix for empty commentbox colapsing on tool-button click, more work on new event code, updated README.