VideLibri 2.410 ๐Ÿ’พ

VideLibri lists the books you have borrowed from a public library and lets you search the library catalog from your local device. It has all the usual features of a library OPAC, i.e. viewing, renewing, searching and ordering books. It also renews all due books automatically and can do other things only a locally running app can do, like keeping a history of all ever borrowed books across multiple libraries. Developed since 2006 it is the world's first library app, and by supporting 20 different kinds of OPACs from different vendors it is compatible with more libraries than any other app. So far VideLibri has been tested with 200 libraries successfully, but it was designed to allow any user to add their own library without requiring any/much programming knowledge. For this purpose three query languages were developed that are supposed to simplify the querying of webpages as much as possible: - A pattern-matching language that selects arbitrary data from a single HTML page, based on an annotated sample of that page. - A catalog of related pages to apply these patterns to multiple webpages. Its syntax is similar to XSLT and likewise it is almost Turing complete (i.e. it has the necessary control structures, but requires XPath to do calculations ). - A dialect of XPath/XQuery/JSONiq that is Turing-complete and thus can calculate arbitrary, unexpected things. VideLibri is platform-independent and currently there are binaries for (Desktop) Windows, Linux and Android.

minor feature: Windows/Linux: Faster multi-threaded cover loading. Android: Improved layout for book reading tracking (like finding the most frequently read author) and user defined libraries. Bibliotheca+/OPEN: fix canceling of ordered books. Add college and church library Wuppertal. New URL for college library Dresden HTW.

GNU GPL libraries opac interpreter object-pascal java windows linux android bibliothek bibliotheken buecherei buechereien stadtbibliotheken

CherryTree 0.99.43 ๐Ÿ’พ

A hierarchical note taking application, featuring rich text and syntax highlighting, storing data in a single xml or sqlite file. Features: rich text formatting and colorization, syntax highlighting, images handling, embedded files, lists handling, simple tables, codeboxes, text/image/table alignment, hyperlinks, spell checking, cross application copy/paste, export to html or plain text, table-of-contents generation, extensive search function. It can import from Basket, Cherrytree, Epim html, Gnote, Keepnote, Keynote, KnowIt, MemPad, Notecase, TomBoy, Treepad Lite, TuxCards, Zim.

minor feature: Added action under top menu 'search' to clear all exclusions from the search; to be run from users finding unexpected exclusions from the search in tree nodes. Added action under top menu 'view' to enable/disable placing the menubar in the titlebar. Unfullscreen doesn't work with the custom titlebar active (menubar in titlebar), so in this case we can only maximise/unmaximise when fullscreen/unfullscreen is requested. Implemented under top menu 'view' toggle show/hide menubar with default keyboard shortcut F12. Restored Ctrl+T keyboard shortcut to pop up unified search in multiple nodes dialog with only node name and tags selected. Export to html of code do not use ' nbsp;' - use instead. of code non syntax highlighted in exported pdf and html. Wrong line number reported in search all matches dialog. Added new language Portuguese Portugal (work of Rui Santos).

GNU GPLv3 gtk c text-editor note-taking

LIPS Scheme 1.0.0-beta.14 ๐Ÿ’พ

LIPS is a powerful Scheme-based, Lisp language written in JavaScript. It is based on the Scheme dialect and the R5RS/R7RS specifications. It has extensions to make it easier to interact with JavaScript. It works both in the browser and with Node.js.

major feature: Next 1.0 beta release

MITL lisp scheme interpreter javascript

Npgsql 5.0.11 ๐Ÿ’พ

Npgsql is a .NET data provider for Postgresql 9.0 and later. It's implemented completely in C# 3.0 and thus does not require a client library. Allows complete database querying and CRUD interaction, has some support for ADO.NET 2.0, provides logging support, allows :colon or @prefix parameter binding, and native large object support.

minor feature: Throw if additional unencrypted bytes are left after SSL negotiation (# 4131). (cherry picked from commit b3a5345).

BSDL-2 c dotnet mono-compatible database-driver postgresql

Vim 8.2.3588 ๐Ÿ’พ

Vim is a highly configurable text editor built to enable efficient text editing. It is an improved version of the vi editor distributed with most UNIX systems. Vim is often called a "programmer's editor," and so useful for programming that many consider it an entire IDE. It's not just for programmers, though. Vim is perfect for all kinds of text editing, from composing email to editing configuration files.

minor feature: patch 8.2.3588: break statement is never reached Problem: Break statement is never reached. Solution: Rely on return value of set_chars_option() not changing. .

Other text-editor ide vi vim

Calibre 5.32 ๐Ÿ’พ

Calibre is an e-book library management application, viewer and editor. It's also commonly used for e-book file format conversion and syncing to reader devices. Calibre also simplifies downloading news from the web and converting them into e-book form, and can act as content server for online access to your book collection.

minor feature: Release: 5.32 12 Nov, 2021 New features Edit book: Add a tool to transform HTML tags based on rules (Tools- gt;Transform HTML) Allows for making transformations such as changing one html tag to another, deleting tags, wrapping them in another tag, etc. Also available during conversions via the Look amp; feel- gt;Transform HTML section of the conversion dialog. Driver for the new Tolino Vision 6 Kobo driver: Add support for the latest firmware released last week. When picking a random book ensure recently chosen books are not re-selected Icon theme chooser dialog: Allow right clicking on a theme to visit its homepage. Amazon metadata download: Add support for more markup variations in amazon's sites that could prevent the fetching of ratings, comments and series metadata for some books. Google search: Add support for new beta search results page markup that was preventing using cached Google pages to search for Amazon metadata. PDF Output: the option to preserve cover aspect ratio being ignored when converting comics. DOCX Input: Sanitize image filenames more strictly to workaround broken EPUB software Linux binary: file dialogs not working on Fedora 35 under KDE When sending email to the Kindle and PocketBook sync services use ASCII filenames as there have been some reports of with non-ASCII filenames with these services. Book Details: missing copy options on composite columns Ask for confirmation when deleting covers from books. New news sources. India speaks reddit feed by Vishwas Vasuki Improved news sources. New York Post. Liberation. Boston Globe. The Globe and Mail. LeMonde.

GNU GPLv3 python c++ ebook-reader e-book conversion

Metronomek 0.5.0 ๐Ÿ’พ

Metronome that works and sounds similar to mechanical devices but with all goods of computer program. Natural (real audio) sounds; selectable beat and ring sounds (i.e.: real metronome, clapping, snapping, etc.); possibility to change meter; visible counting; determining tempo BPM by tapping; cross-platform: Android, Linux, Mac, Windows

major feature: First stable release

GNU GPLv3 metronome natural audio rhythms c++ qt

Gwyddion 2.60 ๐Ÿ’พ

Gwyddion is a modular SPM (Scanning Probe Microsope) data visualization and analysis tool. It can be used for all most frequently used data processing operations including: leveling, false color plotting, shading, filtering, denoising, data editing, integral transforms, grain analysis, profile extraction, fractal analysis, and many more. The program is primarily focused on SPM data analysis (e.g. data obtained from AFM, STM, NSOM, and similar microscopes). However, it can also be used for analyzing SEM (scaning electron microscopy) data or any other 2D data.

major feature: New data type was added: curve maps representing sets of curves in each image pixel. Several new graph modules were added, in particular for FD curve handling. Support for WRUST AFM data files and experimental support for Quazar NPIC data were added and DM3, Igor, Keyence, Omicron MATRIX, Nanoscope and PS-PPT file import modules were improved. Dimensions and Units was rewritten. A new synthetic data module, Wetting, was added. A new command line option --identify detects and prints SPM data file type.

GNU GPL c scientific engineering visualization physics image analysis

exiftool 12.35 ๐Ÿ’พ

ExifTool is a Perl library and command-line tool for reading and updating common meta data information in various file formats. Foremost it works on image files, EXIF, PNG, GPS, IPTC, XMP, JFIF/JPEG, GeoTIFF, ICC Profile, Photoshop IRB, FlashPix, AFCP, AIFF, DJVU, Postscript, GZIP, OpenDocument, PDF, SVG, OGG and ID3. It can also edit maker notes of digital (RAW) camera files from Canon, Casio, FLIR, FujiFilm, GE, HP, JVC/Victor, Kodak, Leaf, Minolta/Konica-Minolta, Nikon, Nintendo, Olympus/Epson, Panasonic/Leica, Pentax/Asahi, Phase One, Reconyx, Ricoh, Samsung, Sanyo, Sigma/Foveon and Sony.

minor feature: Added ability to write ICC_Profile (and other color specifications) to Jpeg2000 images. - Added o code to -W option format string. - Added f code to -d option for fractional seconds. - Added a couple of new Sony LensType values. - Added a new Nikon LensID. - Added a new CanonModelID. - Decode more Nikon MakerNotes tags for some new models. - Extract ThumbnailImage from some DJI drone videos. - Enhanced -ee option to extract metadata from all frames in a SEQ file. - Patched to avoid possible "Use of uninitialized value" runtime warning. - a couple if misspelt new ICC_Profile tag names. - problem generating the correct file extension when extracting OriginalRawImage from a DNG file using the -W option with the s format code. - introduced in 11.91 where exiftool couldn't find its libraries when running via a link. Also it was looking for the config file in the directory of the link, and this was changed to the target directory.

Artistic perl exif meta-data

gtkD 3.10.0 ๐Ÿ’พ

GtkD is a D binding for the GTK+ toolkit, Gobject, GStreamer. It's currently targetting Gtk 3.22+ and provides a convenient OO wrapper; similar to the bindings in Vala.

major bugfix: Nov 11, 2021. . Support wingtk and vcpkg. Update GtkSourceview. Update GLib an Atk. . . .

GNU LGPL d gtk d-programming-language

gradle 7.3 ๐Ÿ’พ

Gradle is an open-source build automation tool focused on flexibility and performance. Gradle build scripts are written using a Groovy or Kotlin DSL.

major feature: The Gradle team is excited to announce Gradle 7.3. This release introduces a declarative test suite API for JVM projects, adds support for building projects with Java 17, and updates the Scala plugin to support Scala 3. There are also changes to make builds more reliable, provide additional details to IDEs when downloading dependencies, improve untracked files in custom plugins, several bug fixes and more.

Apache build-tool c c++ groovy java kotlin

rpki-client 7.5 ๐Ÿ’พ

The OpenBSD rpki-client is a free, easy-to-use implementation of the Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) for Relying Parties (RP) to facilitate validation of the Route Origin of a BGP announcement. The program queries the RPKI repository system, downloads and validates Route Origin Authorisations (ROAs) and finally outputs Validated ROA Payloads (VRPs) in the configuration format of OpenBGPD, BIRD, and also as CSV or JSON objects for consumption by other routing stacks.

security: Make rpki-client more resilient regarding untrusted input: Fail repository synchronisation after 15min runtime, limit the number of repositories per TAL, don't allow DOCTYPE definitions in RRDP XML files, fix detection of HTTP redirect loops, limit the number of concurrent rsync processes, fix CRLF in TAL files.

ISC rpki bgp routing security bird openbgpd

PrRescue 0.102 ๐Ÿ’พ

PrRescue is a rescue CD based on Gentoo amd64 supporting nilfs2 and btrfs. Its goal is to always include the newest kernel and Gentoo packages.

minor feature: Kernel has been updated to version 5.15.1. Gentoo packages have been upgraded to latest versions.

GNU GPL gentoo rescue boot

libconfini 1.16.3 ๐Ÿ’พ

libconfini is a simple INI parsing library with the ability to read disabled entries (i.e. valid entries nested in comments). libconfini does not store the data read from an INI file, but rather dispatches it, formatted, to a custom listener. The code is written in C (C99) and does not depend on any particular library, except for the C standard headers stdio.h, stdlib.h, stdbool.h and stdint.h (and for extreme platforms the code can be also compiled as โ€œbare metalโ€, with few or no strings attached to the C Standard Library).

minor bugfix: Code review (ini_string_match_si(); private functions qultrim_h(). dqultrim_s(), get_type_as_active() and further_cuts()) - micro changes and performance optimizations only. Documentation. Examples. A small in the build system has been (see autostuff/

GNU GPLv3 ini library unix configuration configuration-file ini-parser ini-reader ini-config conf shared-library config configuration-management gnu

GitLab 14.4.2 ๐Ÿ’พ

GitLab is a development collaboration tool and git DVCS frontend. It includes repository management features, code reviews, an issue tracker, activity feeds and wikis. GitLab provides fine-grained access control, user management, 5 permission levels and branch constraints, and can utilize LDAP/AD intranet authorization. Powered by Ruby on Rails it comes as open source package, and as commercial supported enterprise version.

minor feature: (2021-11-08). ### (3 changes). Skip retrying for reads on connection errors if primary only (gitlab-org/gitlab@8e1976ed75bd6c606d49c83863cf46bf3c4d5070) ( merge request (gitlab-org/gitlab!73919)). error 500 loading branch with UTF-8 characters with performance bar (gitlab-org/gitlab@67ddc428472d57bb3d8a4a84eb0750487a175f75) ( merge request (gitlab-org/gitlab!73919)). Skip st_diff callback setting on LegacyDiffNote when importing (gitlab-org/gitlab@84f5c66321473cd702b3b671584054fcf3d141ae) ( merge request (gitlab-org/gitlab!73919)). ### Changed (1 change). Remove skip_legacy_diff_note_callback_on_import from legacy diff note (gitlab-org/gitlab@547a2ec29ea9e9299eab727899c3d90886ffc21c) ( merge request (gitlab-org/gitlab!73919)). ### Performance (1 change). Prevent Sidekiq size limiter middleware from running multiple times on the same job (gitlab-org/gitlab@294c01be38d400607536fb20a2038e098c0f0e28) ( merge request (gitlab-org/gitlab!73919)).

MITL ruby ruby-on-rails git dvcs wiki bugtracker version-control

di 4.51 ๐Ÿ’พ

di is a disk information utility that displays everything that df does and more. It features the ability to display your disk usage in whatever format you prefer. It also checks the user and group quotas, so that the user sees the space available for their use, not the system wide disk space. It is designed to be highly portable across many platforms and is great for heterogenous networks.

minor feature: 4.51 (2021-11-8) Handle EPERM errors.

Zlib c monitoring disk space console cross-platform system-administrators

Warzone 2100 4.2.1 ๐Ÿ’พ

Command the forces of "The Project" in a battle to rebuild the world after mankind has almost been destroyed by nuclear missiles. The game offers a full campaign with optional (but strongly recommended!), videos, battle against four factions, multiplayer and single-player skirmish modes, and an extensive tech tree and a full unit designer. Multiplayer is also cross-platform - battle your friends with any OS, Windows, Linux or macOS, it all works seamlessly!

minor bugfix: : General: Add: Replay v2 format: Embed downloaded maps, store "end of game" info block. : Improve replay saving performance / behavior. : Handle frontend.img / intfac.img load failure explicitly. : updateChallenge() crash. : loadGame() crash if map load failed. : Various additional bounds checks error logging. : cursors_sdl: Null checks, cleanup order. : showUNITCOUNT should only apply to player slots. Graphics: : Further OpenGL init tweaks. Campaign: Change: Alpha 09 tweaks. Change: Alpha 06 NP reinforcement tweak. Change: Update a Nexus Resistance Circuit research item name. : Account for the transporter in campaign unit limit. Scripting: Add: Provide a native fractal value noise generator for use in map scripts. Multiplayer: Add: Add specstats button. Change: Host: Remember number of spectator slots in MP games. : Improve spectator lag / fast-forward behavior. : Do not reset ready status of players on spectator leave. : NetworkTextMessage::receive() crash. : ActivityManager: updateMultiplayGameData on MP replay load. : Revamp WZFiles cleanup. MP-Balance: Change: Rollback "ALL ROUNDER" damage value against "Legged", Increase the accuracy at long range of all MGs from 50 to 55. Change: Increase the weight of HVC, add 0.5 tiles range to HVC cyborg, and reduce ROF of these weapons. Change: Increase the research time "High Temperature Flamer Gel Mk3" so it is no longer included in "Advanced Base". Change: Faster Bombard and Pepperpot production, weaken Incendiary Mortar burn radius and damage, and earlier access to mortar accuracy research. Change: Required research for Howitzer: APFSDS Cannon Rounds Mk2 - Heavy Mortar - Bombard.

GNU GPL real-time-strategy game c++ linux windows macos bsd

Mozilla Firefox 94.0.1 ๐Ÿ’พ

Firefox is a widely used web browser. It's based on Mozillas Gecko HTML rendering and IonMonkey JavaScript engine. It supports HTML5, XML, XHTML, SVG 1.1, MathML, XSLT, CSS3, Web fonts, APNG, SSL/TLS, sandboxed JavaScript 1.8.5 with many newer DOM and WHATWG extensions. It's highly extensible and themeable, provides tabbed browsing, security and privacy features, traditional and live/smart bookmarks.

minor feature: Browser hangs when viewing fullscreen videos on macOS 10.12 ( ), Reference link to 94.0 release notes

MPL c++ web-browser html5 javascript mozilla

Wine 6.21 ๐Ÿ’พ

Wine is an implementation of the Windows API on top of X and Unix. It does not require Microsoft Windows, but can use native Windows DLLs if they are available. It provides both a development toolkit for porting Windows source code to Unix as well as a program loader, allowing many unmodified Windows programs to run on x86-based Unixes.

minor feature: WinSpool, GPhoto, and a few other modules converted to PE. Better support for inline functions in DbgHelp. Beginnings of a MSDASQL implementation. Various.

GNU LGPL c x86 windows win32 emulator compatibility library desktop operating-system

PowerShell Core 7.2.0 ๐Ÿ’พ

PowerShell Core is a cross-platform (Windows, Linux, and macOS) automation and configuration tool/framework that works well with your existing tools and is optimized for dealing with structured data (e.g. JSON, CSV, XML, etc.), REST APIs, and object models. It includes a command-line shell, an associated scripting language and a framework for processing cmdlets.

minor feature: 7.2.0 - 2021-11-08. General Cmdlet Updates and. Handle exception when trying to resolve a possible link path. Tests. global tool and SDK tests in release pipeline. Build and Packaging Improvements. lt;details gt;. lt;summary gt;. lt;p gt;We thank the following contributors! lt;/p gt;. lt;p gt;@kondratyev-nv lt;/p gt;. lt;/summary gt;. lt;ul gt;. lt;li gt;Add an approval for releasing build-info json lt;/li gt;. lt;li gt;Release build info json when it is preview lt;/li gt;. lt;li gt;Update lt;code gt;metadata.json lt;/code gt; for v7.2.0 release lt;/li gt;. lt;li gt;Update to the latest notices file and update lt;code gt;cgmanifest.json lt;/code gt; lt;/li gt;. lt;li gt;in release build by updating usage of lt;code gt;powershell.exe lt;/code gt; with lt;code gt;pwsh.exe lt;/code gt; lt;/li gt;. lt;li gt;Update feed and analyzer dependency lt;/li gt;. lt;li gt;Update to.NET 6 GA build lt;code gt;6.0.100-rtm.21527.11 lt;/code gt; lt;/li gt;. lt;li gt;Add a major-minor build info JSON file lt;/li gt;. lt;li gt;Windows build ZIP packaging lt;/li gt;. lt;li gt;Clean up lt;code gt;crossgen lt;/code gt; related build scripts also generate native symbols for lt;code gt;R2R lt;/code gt; images lt;/li gt;. lt;li gt;reported by code signing verification tool lt;/li gt;. lt;/ul gt;. lt;/details gt;. 7.2.0 : v7.2.0-rc.1...v7.2.0.

MITL powershell shell

Godot Engine 3.4-stable ๐Ÿ’พ

Godot Engine is a feature-packed, cross-platform game engine to create 2D and 3D games from a unified interface. It provides a comprehensive set of common tools, so that users can focus on making games without having to reinvent the wheel. Games can be exported in one click to a number of platforms, including the major desktop platforms (Linux, Mac OSX, Windows) as well as mobile (Android, iOS) and web-based (HTML5) platforms. Godot is completely free and open source under the very permissive MIT license. No strings attached, no royalties, nothing. Usersโ€™ games are theirs, down to the last line of engine code. Godotโ€™s development is fully independent and community-driven, empowering users to help shape their engine to match their expectations. It is supported by the Software Freedom Conservancy not-for-profit.

minor feature: Bump version to 3.4-stable o/ After the decision to continue feature development for the `3.x` branch. Alongside the `master` branch for Godot 4.0, we released 3.3-stable in. April 2021. 6 months and 2000 commits later, Godot 3.4 is another feature-packed milestone. For Godot 3, with a ton of improvements and to make it a great option. For use in production while we wait for Godot 4.0!. A big thankyou to all contributors who work tirelessly on our two parallel. Development branches and made this stable 3.4 release possible.

MITL c++ python game engine 3d graphic programming developers

Perl Compatible Regular Expressions 10.39 ๐Ÿ’พ

PCRE is a widely used Unicode-compatible regular expression engine. It implements Perl5 regex syntax and semantics, some Python, .NET and Onigurama extensions. It uses just-in-time compilation, has consistent escaping rules, and allows for recursion, assertions and conditional patterns or complex subroutines and callouts, thus goes far beyond classic regular expressions.

minor bugfix: This release is happening soon after 10.38 because the is important. 1. incorrect detection of alternatives in first character search in JIT. 2. Update to Unicode 14.0.0. 3. Some code cleanups (see ChangeLog).

BSDL c regex pcre perl

mrouted 4.4 ๐Ÿ’พ

mrouted is an implementation of the IPv4 multicast routing protocol DVMRP, RFC 1075. It is capable of turning a UNIX workstation, or Linux device, into a multicast router with tunneling support. Support for IGMPv1, IGMPv2, and IGMPv3. Comes with mroutectl for interacting with the daemon.

minor feature: Update changelogs and bump version for v4.4 release Signed-off-by: Joachim Wiberg lt; gt;.

BSDL c daemon networking routing multicast

Mozilla Firefox 94.0 ๐Ÿ’พ

Firefox is a widely used web browser. It's based on Mozillas Gecko HTML rendering and IonMonkey JavaScript engine. It supports HTML5, XML, XHTML, SVG 1.1, MathML, XSLT, CSS3, Web fonts, APNG, SSL/TLS, sandboxed JavaScript 1.8.5 with many newer DOM and WHATWG extensions. It's highly extensible and themeable, provides tabbed browsing, security and privacy features, traditional and live/smart bookmarks.

minor feature: Firefox macOS now uses Apple's low power mode for fullscreen video on sites such as YouTube and Twitch. This meaningfully extends battery life in long viewing sessions. Now your kids can find out what the fox says on a loop without you ever missing a beat , With this release, power users can use about:unloads to release system resources by manually unloading tabs without closing them. On Windows, there will now be fewer interruptions because Firefox won t prompt you for updates. Instead, a background agent will download and install updates even if Firefox is. And on Linux, we ve improved WebGL performance and reduced power consumption for many users. To better protect all Firefox users against side-channel attacks such as Spectre, we ve introduced Site Isolation. We ve got your back...errr...side!, We re rolling out the Firefox Multi-Account Containers extension with Mozilla VPN integration. This lets you use a different server location for each container. Firefox no longer warns you by default when you exit the browser or a window using a menu, button, or three-key command. This should cut back on unwelcome notifications which is always nice--however, if you prefer a bit of notice, you ll still have full control over the quit/modal behavior. All warnings can be managed within Firefox Settings. No worries! ( More details ), And now, Firefox supports the new Snap Layouts menus when running on Windows 11. We ve reduced the overhead of using performance.mark() and performance.measure() APIs with a large set of performance entries. Plus, we ve modified paint suppression during load to greatly improve warmload performance in Site Isolation mode. You ll also notice a small reduction in Javascript memory usage. With this release, you ll notice faster Javascript property enumeration as well. We ve also implemented better scheduling of garbage collection which has improved some pageload benchmarks. This release also sees reduced CPU usage during socket polling for H

MPL c++ web-browser html5 javascript mozilla

Poppler 21.11.0 ๐Ÿ’พ

Poppler is librarified PDF rendering toolkit derived from the Xpdf 3.0 code base. It can utilize X11-independent rendering backends like Cairo, Splash, or Qt4 Arthur. It's not designed for platform-agnosticy, but proper BSD/Linux integration; is used by various PDF applications (Evince, Okular, TeXStudio, pdftotext, Zathura, Xournal, Inkscape), and comes with a set of command-line tools of its own.

major bugfix: : Core: Rendering of some non-standard confirming annotations. Support rendering of some non-standard Type3 charprocs. TextOutputDev: Respect orientation when selecting words. CairoOutputDev: Don't override the antialias settings from the cairo_t. StructElement: support MCID in XObjects. Detection of monospace fonts. Ignore Adobe-Identity for non embedded CID fonts. PageLabelInfo::labelToIndex: work on some special no style intervals. Crash in malformed files. Minor code improvements. Utils: Pdfinfo: add -url option to print all URLs in a PDF. Pdftohtml: document what zoom means in regard to DPI. Qt6: Require Qt 6.1. Minor code improvements.

GNU GPL c++ pdf rendering library developers

Free Pascal Compiler 3.2.2 ๐Ÿ’พ

The Free Pascal Compiler is a Turbo Pascal 7.0 and Delphi-compatible 16/32/64 bit Pascal Compiler. It comes with a fully TP 7.0-compatible run-time library. Some extensions have been added to the language, like function overloading. Shared libraries can be linked. Basic Delphi support is implemented with classes, exceptions, RTTI, and ansistrings. A Free Component Library (FCL) is available with the base classes. Bindings for X11, ncurses, GTK, OpenGL, zlib, mysql, interbase and postgres are available.

minor bugfix: Bug fixing release

GNU GPL object pascal software development compilers object-pascal free-pascal fpc

Vim 8.2.3570 ๐Ÿ’พ

Vim is a highly configurable text editor built to enable efficient text editing. It is an improved version of the vi editor distributed with most UNIX systems. Vim is often called a "programmer's editor," and so useful for programming that many consider it an entire IDE. It's not just for programmers, though. Vim is perfect for all kinds of text editing, from composing email to editing configuration files.

minor feature: patch 8.2.3570: Test_very_large_count fails on 32bit systems Problem: Test_very_large_count fails on 32bit systems. Solution: Bail out when using 32 bit numbers.

Other text-editor ide vi vim

Rspamd 3.1 ๐Ÿ’พ

Rspamd is an advanced spam filtering system featuring support for various internal and external filters such as regular expressions, suffix tries, RBLs, URL black lists, IP lists, SPF, DKIM, character maps, advanced statistics module (based on OSB-Bayes algorithm) and fuzzy hashes database that is generated based on honeypots traffic. Rspamd is designed to process hundreds of messages per second simultaneously without significant CPU load.

minor bugfix: 01 Nov 2021 Feature Add junk_threshold for autolearn. Feature Add neural test command. Feature Antivirus: Allow to set fake eicar patterns for testing AV engines. Feature Lua_cdb: Add cdb building interface. Feature Ratelimit: Add per bucket configurations. Feature S3: Allow to store structured data in messagepack. Add concept of uncancellable events to prevent use-after-free. Add temporary guard to prevent linked list exploitation. Another rework of the ucl hashing. Another try to references safety. Another try to rspamd_text passing in the selectors. Avoid copy for received structure as it has raw C pointers. Avoid dangling reference. Correctly check numeric URLs in URL DNS lists. Delete the correct pointer type. Dmarc: Always lowercase domain. compilation of the hyperscan databases with errors. hash table lookup. http message flag shift. parsing of the from_hostname when it is an IP address. parsing of the unquoted attributes in HTML. passing of rspamd_text in selectors pipelines. rubbish QP sequences decoding. some complicated case with the closing tags parsing. the case when l tag is too small. Html: the case where only bgcolor is explicitly set. Libucl: deletion from ucl objects. Namespace and add metadata for OpenMetrics, interleaving. Plug memory leak in http settings reload. Preserve SPF top record in the mempool variable. Remove aarch64 GC64 workaround. Remove bogus G_LIKELY. Spf: Do not parse non TXT DNS replies as TXT replies. Try to use on_connect/on_disconnect callbacks to handle internal Redis failures. buffer overflow in rspamc counters. static building. lua_scanners - message_min_words logic. src/lua/lua_mimepart.c: null dereference. Project Add constant iterators. Project Add helper library to handle mime strings in a more safe matter. Project Add preliminary support of CDB bayes dump.

Apache email-filter antispam c lua

Checkstyle 9.1 ๐Ÿ’พ

Checkstyle assists with source coding standard checking for Java. It supports the Sun or Google code conventions, but is flexible and configurable. It can be run as console tool, or integrated as ANT task.

minor feature: Change type quot;Regular Expression quot; to quot;Pattern quot; in docs. False positive for switch expressions in MissingSwitchDefault. UnusedImports error if there are only array references to a given class. StackOverflow Error in IndentationCheck on deeply concatenated strings. RedundantModifierCheck only reports first instance of redundant modifier. WhitespaceAround misrecognizes white spaces after emojis. Create example of AST for TokenTypes.DOUBLE_COLON. Doc: broken scm manager install link. Make violations diff readable. Update org.reflections:reflections dependency to new version 0.10.X. JavadocMetadataScraper fails silently if it can't write the XML files. Create example of AST for TokenTypes.ENUM. Update example of AST for TokenTypes.GENERIC_START. Update example of AST for TokenTypes.GENERIC_END. Update example of AST for TokenTypes.ENUM_DEF. Update example of AST for TokenTypes.GE. Update example of AST for TokenTypes.LITERAL_THROW. PMD violation CognitiveComplexity. Update example of AST for TokenTypes.LITERAL_ASSERT. Update example of AST for TokenTypes.ENUM_CONSTANT_DEF. Add maven modernizer plugin. Sarif validation schema link and no-validations profile. UT output should be silent. Update example of AST for TokenTypes.SUPER_CTOR_CALL. Spelling: mistypes in SuppressWithNearbyCommentFilter. Investigate localization service

MITL java coding-style syntax-checker command-line

mod_contact 1.0.1 ๐Ÿ’พ

An Apache httpd module that implements a contact us form with file upload. Acts as a gateway between a form submission and email.

minor bugfix: Bugfix release of mod_contact. *) Limit entity encoding to XML entities only. *) contact_base64() consumes buckets. Don't try use buckets after being consumed. *) Add additional line between body elements. *) Stop the base64 encoder from closing off the line early.

Apache email dynamic-content www c

mod_multipart 2.4.0 ๐Ÿ’พ

The Apache mod_multipart module provides a set of filters that can parse and interpret multipart MIME content.

minor feature: Initial release of mod_multipart. Support for the MULTIPART input filter, and the MULTIPART bucket.

Apache dynamic-content http-server c

mod_rrd 1.0.1 ๐Ÿ’พ

The Apache mod_rrd module provides a set of filters and handlers to manipulate and display RRD graphs.

minor feature: *) Set content type and content length. *) Add the option to explicitly set the base directory against which wildcards are interpreted. *) Make sure that we set an explicit handler in the fixups hook. *) Add the RRDGraphFormat option to specify the desired format for a graph, overriding the file extension. *) Allow the DEF element to support an expression as a path, so that RRD files can be mapped dynamically from the original request URL using expressions.

Apache dynamic-content http-server c system-administrators

tarmux 1.0.4 ๐Ÿ’พ

Tarmux attempts to solve the problem of handling streamed data where there is insufficient temporary space on disk to hold the data, as is forced by tar. In the simplest invocation, tarmux takes a stream from stdin, and creates a tar file consisting of sequential numbered file fragments one after the other. This can be reversed by the tardemux tool, which will untar the fragments and reassemble the stream to stdout. The tardemux tool only reads a single tar stream before exiting. This allows multiple streams to be concatenated in the same stream, and then split out by each invocation of tardemux.

minor feature: *) Make help2man optional if manpages are already generated. *) Update ubuntu packaging support.

Apache system-administrators c utilities shell

Retry 1.0.4 ๐Ÿ’พ

Retry a command until the command succeeds. Retry captures stdin into memory as the data is passed to the repeated command, and this captured stdin is then replayed should the command be repeated. This makes it possible to embed the retry tool into shell pipelines. Retry captures stdout into memory, and if the command was successful stdout is passed on to stdout as normal, while if the command was repeated stdout is passed to stderr instead. This ensures that output is passed to stdout once and once only.

minor bugfix: *) Fix an issue where the stdout of the retried command was not correctly captured on the second try. Graham Leggett

Apache shell c system-administrators