exiftool 11.21 💾

ExifTool is a Perl library and command-line tool for reading and updating common meta data information in various file formats. Foremost it works on image files, EXIF, PNG, GPS, IPTC, XMP, JFIF/JPEG, GeoTIFF, ICC Profile, Photoshop IRB, FlashPix, AFCP, AIFF, DJVU, Postscript, GZIP, OpenDocument, PDF, SVG, OGG and ID3. It can also edit maker notes of digital (RAW) camera files from Canon, Casio, FLIR, FujiFilm, GE, HP, JVC/Victor, Kodak, Leaf, Minolta/Konica-Minolta, Nikon, Nintendo, Olympus/Epson, Panasonic/Leica, Pentax/Asahi, Phase One, Reconyx, Ricoh, Samsung, Sanyo, Sigma/Foveon and Sony.

minor feature: Added a new Sony/Minolta LensType. - Added a new Olympus FlashModel. - Improved decoding of FujiFilm InternalSerialNumber. - Minor improvements to decoding of GPS from some dashcam videos. - Made XMP-getty:Personality a List-type tag. - Made it an error to use the -o option or write FileName or Directory tags when using the TestName dry-run feature. - problem using -E with other character sets when writing.

Artistic perl exif meta-data

package-update-indicator 2 💾

The package-update-indicator utility regularly checks for software updates and notifies the user about available updates using desktop notifications and either a status notifier icon or a system tray icon.

minor feature: Add keywords to desktop files. typo in notification message. Do not run glib-compile-schemas if schemas are installed into staging Directory. Set application indicator title. Add note for vendors on how to override default settings

MITL desktop packaging utilities c x11 gtk linux end-users

Vim 8.1.0570 💾

Vim is a highly configurable text editor built to enable efficient text editing. It is an improved version of the vi editor distributed with most UNIX systems. Vim is often called a "programmer's editor," and so useful for programming that many consider it an entire IDE. It's not just for programmers, though. Vim is perfect for all kinds of text editing, from composing email to editing configuration files.

minor feature: patch 8.1.0570: 'commentstring' not used when adding fold marker Problem: 'commentstring' not used when adding fold marker. (Maxim Kim). Solution: Only use empty 'comments' middle when leader is empty.

Other text-editor ide vi vim

libgphoto2 2.5.21 💾

libgphoto2 is a set of libraries for previewing, retrieving, and capturing images from a range of supported digital cameras to your local hard drive. It does not support digital cameras based on the USB storage protocol, those can be mounted by Linux directly. The list of current cameras can be found on: http://gphoto.org/proj/libgphoto2/support.php or by running gphoto2 --list-cameras

major feature: libgphoto2 2.5.21 release ptp2: * Nikon Z series support added * New Canon Powershot SX / GX also support capture, ALPHA support added * Canon EOS bugfixes * imported IDs from libmtp * Added: * Nikon Z6, Z7 * Canon Powershot SX720HS, G5X * Canon IXUS 185

GNU LGPL camera usb capture digital camera remote control tethering

Mesa 18.3.0 💾

Mesa 3D is a collection of graphics libraries and drivers that implement hardware-accelerated OpenGL 3. It comes with its own software emulation fallback driver though. Besides OpenGL and OpenGL ES, it implements OpenVG and EGL, but also allows for Direct3D interfaces.

minor feature: Mesa 18.3.0 is a new development release. People who are concerned With stability and reliability should stick with a previous release or Wait for Mesa 18.3.1. Mesa 18.3.0 implements the OpenGL 4.5 API, but the version reported by GlGetString(GL_VERSION) or glGetIntegerv(GL_MAJOR_VERSION) / GlGetIntegerv(GL_MINOR_VERSION) depends on the particular driver being used. Some drivers don't support all the features required in OpenGL 4.5. OpenGL 4.5 is. only available if requested at context creation. Compatibility contexts may report a lower version depending on each driver. Libwayland-egl is now distributed by Wayland (since 1.15, See announcement ), And has been removed from Mesa in this release. Make sure you're using an up-to-date version of Wayland to keep the functionality. New features, Note: some of the new features are only available with certain drivers. GL_AMD_depth_clamp_separate on r600, radeonsi. GL_AMD_framebuffer_multisample_advanced on radeonsi. GL_AMD_gpu_shader_int64 on i965, nvc0, radeonsi. GL_AMD_multi_draw_indirect on all GL 4.x drivers. GL_AMD_query_buffer_object on i965, nvc0, r600, radeonsi. GL_EXT_disjoint_timer_query on radeonsi and most other Gallium drivers (ES extension), GL_EXT_texture_compression_s3tc on all drivers (ES extension).. GL_EXT_vertex_attrib_64bit on i965, nvc0, radeonsi. GL_EXT_window_rectangles on radeonsi. GL_KHR_texture_compression_astc_sliced_3d on radeonsi. GL_NV_fragment_shader_interlock on i965. EGL_EXT_device_base for all drivers. EGL_EXT_device_drm for all drivers. EGL_MESA_device_software for all drivers., G965 Some objects in Neverwinter Nights Linux version not displayed correctly, piglit.spec.arb_depth_buffer_float.fbo-depth-gl_depth_component32f-copypixels fails, BXT,SKLGT4e intermittent ext_framebuffer_multisample.accuracy fails, dEQP failures on llvmpipe, quot;float a+++4 ? 1:1 f; quot; crashes glsl_compiler, Corrupted frame contents with Vulkan version of DOTA2, Talos Principle and Sascha Willems'

MITL x11 graphics 3d graphics-driver emulation opengl

Wine 4.0-rc1 💾

Wine is an implementation of the Windows API on top of X and Unix. It does not require Microsoft Windows, but can use native Windows DLLs if they are available. It provides both a development toolkit for porting Windows source code to Unix as well as a program loader, allowing many unmodified Windows programs to run on x86-based Unixes.

minor feature: Preloader implemented on mac OS. Mouse cursor support on Android. Updates to the timezone database. Vulkan support updated to the latest spec. Stream I/O support in WebServices. Better palette support in WindowsCodecs. Synchronization objects support for kernel drivers. Various.

GNU LGPL c x86 windows win32 emulator compatibility library desktop operating-system

Calibre 3.35 💾

Calibre is an e-book library management application, viewer and editor. It's also commonly used for e-book file format conversion and syncing to reader devices. Calibre also simplifies downloading news from the web and converting them into e-book form, and can act as content server for online access to your book collection.

minor feature: Release: 3.35 07 Dec, 2018 New features Edit book: Insert hyperlink: Allow specifying a template to control the markup that is inserted for the hyperlink. Metadata download: Add an option (in Preferences- gt;Metadata download) to keep multiple results from individual metadata sources, useful if you prefer to pick the best result by hand and use only one or two metadata sources. Kobo driver: Add an option to directly update metadata in the Kobo device database, instead of waiting for the Kobo to update the database after disconnecting. (Preferences- gt;Plugins- gt;Customize the Kobo device plugin). E-book viewer: a regression that broke viewing of HTMLZ files Edit book: suggestions in completion popup not being sorted. Windows: restarting calibre with system tray icon enabled causing duplicate defunct icons in the tray. New news sources. Macrobusinness by 2018robert. Sports Illustrated by Kovid Goyal. Le Peuple Breton by Lionel Plais. Mandidner by pofa Improved news sources. Wired Magazine. Wall Street Journal. Telepolis. Yahoo News. Associated Press. Mother Jones.

GNU GPLv3 python c++ ebook-reader e-book conversion

Linux kernel 4.19.7 💾

Linux is a mostly POSIX-compliant Unix-inspired operating system kernel, originally implemented by Linus Torvalds and now maintained as an international project. It's the base and common namegiver to a wide array of Linux distributions. The kernel provides all modern Unix-y features, like true process multitasking, virtual memory, virtual and clustered filesystem support, complex networking and extensive support for various hardware and machine platforms.

minor feature: Linux 4.19.7, misc: mic/scif: copy-paste error in scif_create_remote_lookup, Drivers: hv: vmbus: check the creation_status in vmbus_establish_gpadl(), mm: use swp_offset as key in shmem_replace_page(), mm: cleancache: corruption on missed inode invalidation, lib/test_kmod.c: rmmod double free, iio:st_magn: enable device after trigger, iio/hid-sensors: IIO_CHAN_INFO_RAW returning wrong values for signed numbers, Revert "usb: dwc3: gadget: skip Set/Clear Halt when invalid", usb: core: quirks: add RESET_RESUME quirk for Cherry G230 Stream series, USB: usb-storage: Add new IDs to ums-realtek, staging: rtl8723bs: Add missing return for cfg80211_rtw_get_station, staging: rtl8723bs: incorrect sense of ether_addr_equal, staging: mt7621-pinctrl: uninitialized variable ngroups, staging: mt7621-dma: potentially dereferencing uninitialized 'tx_desc', staging: vchiq_arm: compat VCHIQ_IOC_AWAIT_COMPLETION, staging: most: use format specifier " s" in snprintf, dmaengine: at_hdmac: module unloading, dmaengine: at_hdmac: memory leak in at_dma_xlate(), ARM: dts: rockchip: Remove @0 from the veyron memory node, ASoC: pcm186x: device reset-registers trigger value, ASoC: intel: cht_bsw_max98090_ti: Add quirk for boards using pmc_plt_clk_0, ext2: potential use after free, ext2: initialize opts.s_mount_opt as zero before using it, binder: race that allows malicious free of live buffer, function_graph: Reverse the order of pushing the ret_stack and the callback, function_graph: Move return callback before update of curr_ret_stack, function_graph: Have profiler use curr_ret_stack and not depth, function_graph: Use new curr_ret_depth to manage depth instead of curr_ret_stack, function_graph: Make ftrace_push_return_trace() static, MIPS: function_graph: Simplify with function_graph_enter(), arm64: function_graph: Simplify with function_graph_enter(), s390/function_graph: Simplify with function_graph_enter(), riscv/function_graph: Simplify with function_graph_enter(), parisc: function_graph: S

GNU GPL c linux kernel operating-system

Converse.js 4.0.6 💾

Converse.js is an instant messaging client for websites. It provides an entirely browser-based Jabber/XMPP interface, and can connect to any XMPP public server. Converse implementes single and multiuser chats, invitations, service discovery, direct registration, contact lists, roosters and vCard exchange, status changes and messages, typing and state notification, and OTR encryption.

minor feature: Updated translations: ar, cs, de, es, eu, fr, gl, hu, id, it, ja, nb, pt_BR. Don't render http (i.e. non-TLS) resources. Converse caused RID out of range errors on Prosody. MUC messages sometimes appear twice after resync. missing checkmarks in old muc messages. Don't send receipt requests in MUCs. Font gets cut off in Firefox #1348.

MPL javascript html5 xmpp jabber chat messaging instant-messaging web-based

CakePHP 3.6.14 💾

CakePHP is a web development framework, somewhat similar to Rails. It provides scaffolding tools, an ActiveRecord/DataMapper implementation, doesn't require much setup or configuration. It comes with helpers for text translations, caching, validation, authorization backends, CSRF and XSS protection, and templating. It follows the Web-"MVC" scheme, centralized route dispatching, less efficient class-by-class autoloading, etc. Thorough API documentation and a rich set of user-contributed plugins exist.

minor feature: Improved API documentation. PaginatorHelper no longer always includes the direction query string argument when sorting by an associative array with the default direction. LocaleSelectorMiddleware now support fallback languages allowing Accept header values of es-ES to match the generic es locale. NullEngine::write() now conforms to the documented return type. incorrect association properties being set when loading joined associations with a subset of fields that excludes all fields on the root entity. ADmad. Cauan Cabral. Edgaras. George Constantinou. Hideki Kinjyo. Ian den Hartog. Mark Scherer. Mark Story. Michael Hoffmann. Val Bancer. gregs.

MITL php framework web-mvc cakephp rails

Nextcloud 15.0.0RC3 💾

Access, share and protect your files, calendars, contacts, communication & more at home and in your enterprise. Keep all of your life / business private and secure on a server you control. Share with only who you choose, and no-one else.

minor feature: tx-robot updated from transifex. . tx-robot updated from transifex. . tx-robot updated from transifex. . dialogs, button position. . tx-robot updated from transifex. . activatable/deactivatable 2fa provider interface typos. . . . . . Only run the AnonymousOptionsPlugion on Anonymous requests. . . . the system address book. . PHP module is named mbstring. . Unshare from mail activity is missing. . layout of "i" in admin settings of federated sharing. . . . PHP 7.0 is end of life. . . . . . Do not update child all child shares on group share update. . Add setup check for recommended PHP modules (i.e. Imagick, intl). . Update casing of PHP inside method name. . tx-robot updated from transifex. . . . . . . . make a button out of 'What's new' so it's obvious it can be clicked on . . missing click event on update button. . . . Show columns to update in CLI interface. . bigint conversion on SQLite. . Add setup check for pending bigint conversion. . Validate all rich objects not only the used ones. . wrong used type. . . . No DAV user enumeration if disabled. . password confirmation lib for ie11. . Only execute query in propagateChange once. . . . . . . . . . Log and continue on Dav reader failure. . Emit write update only once on touch. . . . . . . . . . tx-robot updated from transifex. . Do not show general warning on free space error. . Add abort stub in JSUnit. . Set 3rdparty to pr187. . . . . . 15.0.0 RC 3. . .

Affero GPLv3 storage cloud web-environment file-sharing secure s3 dropbox

Npgsql 4.0.4 💾

Npgsql is a .NET data provider for Postgresql 9.0 and later. It's implemented completely in C# 3.0 and thus does not require a client library. Allows complete database querying and CRUD interaction, has some support for ADO.NET 2.0, provides logging support, allows :colon or @prefix parameter binding, and native large object support.

minor feature: floating point value altering . possible inconsistent result of PostgresDatabaseInfo TypesQuery b . . Add support for regconfig. . Removed references to NTS and GeoAPI packages. . Depend on NetTopologySuite.IO.PostGIS 1.15.0. . Changed type of PostgresException._data to Dictionary. . GetFieldValue returns DBNull.Value. . Bump version to 4.0.3. . Improved tests for money handler. . incorrect money writer. . Generic parameter accepts null. . Ignore flaky test. . Specified ordinates for writer. . Added 4D test case for NTS plugin. . Reduced test verbosity. . Added setup documentation for NTS plugin. . Change transaction level for type loading to usage in hot standby . . Expose `DefaultNameTranslator` on `INpgsqlTypeMapper`. . concurrency initializing perf counters. . some rare Open() in error conditions. . race condition in PoolManager. Bump version to 4.0.4. . Inverted condition for sync/async. . FAQ note about PG11 stored procedures. . Nodatime 2.4.0 backport. . Calling WriteWithLengthInternal to check buffer space. . Refactored range type handler. . logic typos. . Add some usage docs for NodaTime plugin. . small typo. . Doc change on PgBouncer. . Update outdated date/time mapping docs. . Expose MappedCompositeTypeHandlerFactory. . Replace with . . Reference System.ValueTuple from VSIX. . Buffer left space checks for primitive types. . Correct connector type mapper reseting logic. . JSON.NET handlers correcty handle null and DBNull values. . Update PostGIS version for Appveyor. . Stop using transaction in type loading. . Update all dependecies. . Correct metadata size for char(1) and bit(1). . overflow on write for `Instant.MaxValue`. . Rollback upgrade of System.Runtime.CompilerServices.Unsafe. . Remove useless config attributes in benchmarks. . Bad hack to reallow output params with sequential. . Bump all plugin versions to 4.0.4. . Merge branch 'hot/4.0.4'.

BSDL-2 c dotnet mono-compatible database-driver postgresql

Poppler 0.72.0 💾

Poppler is librarified PDF rendering toolkit derived from the Xpdf 3.0 code base. It can utilize X11-independent rendering backends like Cairo, Splash, or Qt4 Arthur. It's not designed for platform-agnosticy, but proper BSD/Linux integration; is used by various PDF applications (Evince, Okular, TeXStudio, pdftotext, Zathura, Xournal, Inkscape), and comes with a set of command-line tools of its own.

major bugfix: : Core: Checkbox lacking AP not bein able to change state. Draw line annotation endings (arrow, circle...). Cairo: Don't use UNIQUE_ID for PS output, to avoid using PS memory on cairo = 1.5.10. Be more stubborn looking for a nssdb. GooString::fromInt: Repair the return value. Minor performance improvements. Avoid cycles in PDF parsing. Stream::makeFilter: memory leak. Various with malformed files. Rename GooString::getCString to GooString::c_str. Regenerate UnicodeDecompTables.h from python 3.7.1. Utils: Pdfdetach: Check for valid embedded file before trying to save it. pdfdetach: Check for valid file name of embedded file before using it to determine save path. typos in utils. Glib: Missing PopplerAttachment destructor call. Support getting form widget additional actions. Docs: Small improvements. Qt5: Internally compile with -DQT_NO_SIGNALS_SLOTS_KEYWORDS.

GNU GPL c++ pdf rendering library developers

Jailer 8.2.1 💾

Database Subsetting and Relational Data Browsing Tool. Navigate bidirectionally through the database by following foreign-key-based or user-defined relationships. Exports consistent, referentially intact row-sets from relational databases. Removes data w/o violating integrity. Generates topologically sorted SQL-DML, hierarchically structured XML. and DbUnit datasets.

minor feature: Intra-database export: automatic fallback to MERGE on tables without PK has been removed. Increased SQL import performance + progress bar also for compressed files. Logging did not work if the working directory is read-only. Improved error handling. Minor.

Apache front-end quality-assurance utilities java sql cross-plattform developers end-users

schily 2018-12-06 💾

The "Schily" Tool Box is a set of tools written or managed by Jörg Schilling. It includes programs like: cdrecord, cdda2wav, readcd, mkisofs, smake, bsh, bosh, btcflash, calc, calltree, change, compare, count, cpp (K&R original), cstyle, devdump, dmake based on SunPro Make, hdump, isodebug, isodump, isoinfo, isovfy, label, man2html, mt, obosh, od, p, POSIX patch, pbosh, printf, sccs, scgcheck, scpio, scut, sdd, sfind, sformat, smake, sh/bosh (Bourne Shell), spaste, star, star_sym, strar, suntar, gnutar, tartest, termcap, and ved.

major feature: libfind compiles again on platforms without vfork(). SCCS and patch: unit tests with random now may be deactivated with environment NO_RANDOM=TRUE. smt -wready: now only retries operations if they really fail. star: hole.c removed a memory leak. star: macro scopy() now without final semicolon. SCCS: libcomobj: a parser for SCCSv6 flags has been added. SCCS: libcomobj: a parser for SCCSv6 global meta data has been added. SCCS: libcomobj now frees line buffer from getline(). SCCS: all programs that parsed SCCSv4 flags now also parse SCCSv6 flags and meta data. SCCS: prs: New keyword :Gp: prints initial path. SCCS: prs: new keyword :Gr: prints unified random. SCCS: admin no longer leaks file descriptors. SCCS: admin new options -XGp and -XGr allow to control initial path and random. SCCS: comb now retains initial path and random. SCCS: val and libcombj::dodelt() now check for backgoing clocks at ns level. SCCS: bulk mode handler for -N option got major enhancements and fixes. SCCS: all low level programs (except what) now support -N. SCCS: many new unit tests for the -N bulk mode. SCCS: we are now very close to be complete with the upcomming project mode.

CDDL software development build tools utilities

PacketFence 8.2.1 💾

PacketFence is a network access control (NAC) manager. It includes numerous features, including user registration and sanitation, central wireless and cable-network control, BYOD (bring-your-own-device) configuration, 802.1X support, and layer-2 device isolation. PacketFence is useful for managing small to large networks and intranet-access points.

minor bugfix: Enhancements Allow for SMS PIN codes to be reused. Adjusted ports for Active Directory passthroughs. Improved performance of nodes tab in the admin interface. Google Project Fi missing from the official schema. Various for broken NTLM cache job. with realms after a restart of pfconfig. with pfdhcp leaking file descriptors. with captive portal requesting an artifact from the SAML server. duplicate IP addresses given by pfdhcp. Added new expected parameter for the redirect URL when performing web-auth with a Cisco WLC. SEPM provisioner token refresh.

GNU GPL php perl administrator network security wireless web-based monitoring access-control

Objeck 4.1.2 💾

Objeck is an open-source programming language inspired by Java and influenced by Scheme and UML. Objeck was designed to be fast, easier to use, lightweight and cross-platform. Language is stable with over over 10 years of development under it’s belt.

minor feature: Extended support for 2D game development. Highlights of this release include the following: 1. Added SDL2 support for texture streaming (new) 2. Improved VM performance (enhancement) 3. Addressed Windows 64-bit installer issue. Native DLLs for supporting libraries are now resolved. (bug) 4. Fixed esoteric memory allocation bug for macOS (bug)

BSDL-2 compiler code-generator assembler interpreter

Iridium Browser 2018.11.71 💾

Iridium Browser is a privacy-focused build of Chromium. It removes additional telemetry features, provides various enhancements for stricter security without compromising compatibility or sacrificing modern features. Hosted on a fully public repository and its development funded by the Open Source Business Alliance, the project provides builds for most major distributions and plattforms.

minor bugfix: The latest version 2018.11.71 based on Chromium 71.0.3578.30 is available for Debian-based systems now! Furthermore version 2018.11.71 is also available for Fedora and openSUSE. Current version for Windows and macOS is 2018.11.70 based on Chromium 70.0.3538.77 and is also available for download.

MITL browser web-browser chromium cross-plattform

µBlock Origin 1.17.4 💾

µBlock Origin is an efficient and general-purpose web filter plugin for browsers. It's primarily used for ad blocking of course. Runs in Firefox, Chrome, Opera Blink, Safari, Fennec, and other Chromium-based browsers. It automatically uses EasyList, EasyPrivacy and Malware Domain filter lists, but also supports hpHosts, MVPS HOSTS, Spam404 and many other curated block lists. µBlock is speedier and more memory conservative than other ad blockers, and is completely open source, does not undermine filtering like ADPs sponsored ads.

minor feature: When pasting multiple lines into the rules editor they are joined together in a single line by importing latest release of CodeMirror. . by importing latest release of CodeMirror. ##.ad.super from EasyList is causing ##.ad to not be applied. missing trailing asterisk in filter representation in the logger. No context menu entry for data: iframes (banners). UI Search field and it's search counter interfere with each other / unreadable. "Update now" button flashes for 1 second before changing the count numbers. Improve usability of temporarily disabling strict-blocking. HTML filter exception doesn't work. badfilter does not work on a CSP filter.

GNU GPLv3 javascript browser ad-blocker filter privacy

Linux kernel 4.19.6 💾

Linux is a mostly POSIX-compliant Unix-inspired operating system kernel, originally implemented by Linus Torvalds and now maintained as an international project. It's the base and common namegiver to a wide array of Linux distributions. The kernel provides all modern Unix-y features, like true process multitasking, virtual memory, virtual and clustered filesystem support, complex networking and extensive support for various hardware and machine platforms.

minor feature: Linux 4.19.6, media: ov5640: auto controls values when switching to manual mode, media: ov5640: wrong binning value in exposure calculation, media: ov5640: auto gain exposure when changing mode, media: ov5640: exposure regression, media: ov5640: timings setup code, media: ov5640: Re-work MIPI startup sequence, rcu: Make need_resched() respond to urgent RCU-QS needs, gfs2: iomap buffer head reference counting, tty: wipe buffer if not echoing data, tty: wipe buffer. include/linux/pfn_t.h: force ' ' to be parsed as an unary operator, dax: Avoid losing wakeup in dax_lock_mapping_entry, mm, page_alloc: check for max order in hot path, tmpfs: make lseek(SEEK_DATA/SEK_HOLE) return ENXIO with a negative offset, mm, memory_hotplug: check zone_movable in has_unmovable_pages, z3fold: possible reclaim races, efi/arm: Revert deferred unmap of early memmap mapping, powerpc/numa: Suppress "VPHN is not supported" messages, NFSv4: an Oops during delegation callbacks, kdb: Use strscpy with destination buffer size, drm/amdgpu: with IH ring setup, RISC-V: Silence some module warnings on 32-bit, riscv: add missing vdso_install target, SUNRPC: a bogus get/put in generic_key_to_expire(), block: copy ioprio in __bio_clone_fast() and bounce, perf/x86/intel/uncore: Add more IMC PCI IDs for KabyLake and CoffeeLake CPUs, sched/fair: cpu_util_wake() for 'execl' type workloads, powerpc/io: the IO workarounds code to work with Radix, floppy: race condition in __floppy_read_block_0(), crypto: simd - correctly take reqsize of wrapped skcipher into account, rtc: pcf2127: a kmemleak caused in pcf2127_i2c_gather_write, rtc: cmos: Do not export alarm rtc_ops when we do not support alarms, cpufreq: imx6q: add return value check for voltage scale, KVM: PPC: Move and undef TRACE_INCLUDE_PATH/FILE, scsi: hisi_sas: Remove set but not used variable 'dq_list', scsi: lpfc: remoteport access, tools/testing/nvdimm: the array size for dimm devices. pinctrl: meson: meson8b ao pull register bits, pinctrl: meson:

GNU GPL c linux kernel operating-system

Django 2.1.4 💾

Django is a high-level Python Web-MVC framework for RAD with clean and pragmatic code. It's comparatively fast, integrates moderns security features, and is very scalable. It prefers explicit configuration over implicit conventions, has an object-relational database mapper, autogenerated admin interfaces, flexible regex-based URL dispatching, internationalization features, a custom templating engine or Jinja2, caching, authentication or authorization, a user comment plugin, RSS/Atom and sitemap modules, GeoIP integration.

minor feature: 2.1.x - Ordered date filter's format strings by categ . . 2.1.x Relaxed a GDAL raster test. . 2.1.x typo in docs/topics/auth/customizing.txt. . 2.1.x MySQL QuerySet.explain() test when running tests in rev . . 2.1.x Refs #28462 -- 'invalid escape sequence' warning on Pyt . . 2.1.x - Added custom help formatter to BaseCommand class. . 2.1.x Added stub release notes for 2.0.6. . 2.1.x typo in docs/releases/2.0.7.txt. . 2.1.x - Doc'd where the bulk argument applies in Rela . . 2.1.x Refs #29483 -- Relaxed WGS 84 check regex. . 2.1.x 'invalid escape sequence' warning in GEOSGeometryBase.f . . 2.1.x Prevented unexpected link in settings docs. . 2.1.x - Silenced post-process messages in collectstat . . 2.1.x - makemessages setting charset of.pot fi . . 2.1.x Refs #29353 -- Removed duplicated logic in StaticFilesHandler . . 2.1.x Restored django.test.utils.patch_logger() for backwards compa . . 2.1.x Updated GIS install instructions to use placeholders for GIS . . 2.1.x Doc'd how to set SPATIALITE_LIBRARY_PATH for Debian Buster/Ub . . 2.1.x Refs #29419, #8936 -- Removed change permission requirement f . . 2.1.x - admin changelist crash when using a que . . 2.1.x Refs #29428 -- admin check crash when using a query exp . . 2.1.x - Made ModelAdmin.get_deleted_objects() use has . . 2.1.x - RenameModel's renaming of a M2M column . . 2.1.x - a missing pyc test file in source distr . . 2.1.x Added backticks to code literals in docs/ref/databases.txt. . 2.1.x - Accounted for object level permissions when c . . 2.1.x - Added a helpful makemigrations error if app_l . . 2.1.x Refs #29493 -- Doc'd that the QuerySet in lookup accepts a st . . 2.1.x - crash on Oracle when converting a non-u . . 2.1.x - Allowed permissioning of admin actions. . 2.1.

BSDL python django orm web-mvc web-development routing authorization developers

dna.js Semantic Templates 1.4.9 💾

dna.js is a UI library for jQuery enabling developers to rapidly build maintainable JavaScript applications. You write semantic templates and then dna.js converts your JSON data into dynamically generated DOM elements.

minor feature: Vulnerabilities badge . Next release. . Less ugly creative commons logo. . Replace escape with quotes. . Get hljs-enhance from cdn. . Link to github added to website footer. . Better documentation wording. . Update cdn links. . Switch to es6 notation in test web page. . New dist folder in prep for upgrade to es6. . Release v1.4.9. . Update cdn links to new dist folder.

GNU GPLv3 clone template javascript jquery html dom developers

Rspamd 1.8.3 💾

Rspamd is an advanced spam filtering system featuring support for various internal and external filters such as regular expressions, suffix tries, RBLs, URL black lists, IP lists, SPF, DKIM, character maps, advanced statistics module (based on OSB-Bayes algorithm) and fuzzy hashes database that is generated based on honeypots traffic. Rspamd is designed to process hundreds of messages per second simultaneously without significant CPU load.

minor bugfix: Large Unicode handling rework - Rspamd now provides better access to normalized/unnormalized unicode. We have added some fail-safety checks against certain types of messages that could cause Rspamd crashes due to invalid unicode in headers. Redis sentinel support. Kaspersky antivirus support. Improvements of the Authentication-Results header. Better statistical tokens. Better and RFC conformant support of pct in DMARC module. Other fixes/features, https://rspamd.com/announce/2018/12/03/rspamd-1.8.3.html

Apache email-filter antispam c lua

stunnel 5.50 💾

The stunnel program works as SSL encryption wrapper between remote and local network sockets or inetd-started daemons. It adds SSL or TLS functionality to any network service, commonly POP3, IMAP or HTTP servers. Stunnel uses OpenSSL for cryptography. It can itself function as port redirection deamon, or as temporary traffic interceptor, and requires no adaption of the shadowed programs.

minor feature: New features.. 32-bit Windows builds replaced with 64-bit builds. OpenSSL DLLs updated to version 1.1.1. Check whether "output" is not a relative file name. Major code cleanup in the configuration file parser. Added sslVersion, sslVersionMin and sslVersionMax for OpenSSL 1.1.0 and later.... PSK session resumption with TLS 1.3. a memory leak in WIN32 logging subsystem. Allow for zero value (ignored) TLS options. Partially refactored configuration file parsing and logging subsystems for clearer code and minor.. Caveats.. We removed FIPS support from our standard builds. FIPS will still be available with bespoke builds.

GNU GPL c ssl tls network-daemon inetd

pass-import 2.4 💾

pass import is a password store extension allowing you to import your password database to a password store repository conveniently. It natively supports import from 20 different password managers. More manager support can easily be added.

minor feature: Added support for UPM (Universal Password Manager) with the command upm. Ensure the GPG recipients are in the keyring before to import. #54. Ensure the success messages print real data. #54. Added completion for bash. Add a --convert, -C option to convert not allowed in path. #55. Add a --separator option to set a different caracter of replacement when converting not allowed caracters. #56. Add a.import configuration file for import personalisation. #56. Changed the extension structure to a classic python program: #53 The extension is now installed using setuptools for the python part, Use prospector and bandit as python linter tool and security checker, Add Gitlab CI, Add SAST security dashboard, Simplify the tests. . The extension is now installed using setuptools for the python part. Use prospector and bandit as python linter tool and security checker. Add Gitlab CI. Add SAST security dashboard. Simplify the tests. Changed the way to handle duplicated path. Create sub-folder if the titles are identical. #41 #49 Use the new separator to duplicate paths. #43 . Create sub-folder if the titles are identical. #41 #49. Use the new separator to duplicate paths. #43. Stop assuming a title cannot be empty. #57. Import for the importers: KeepassX, #48 Keepass. #52 . KeepassX, #48. Keepass. #52. pass 1.7.0 or greater. python3 (python 3.4, 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7 are supported). python3-defusedxml.

GNU GPLv3 password pass pass-extension password-manager importer password-store security cryptography

darktable 2.6.0rc0 💾

darktable is an open source photography workflow application and RAW developer. A virtual lighttable and darkroom for photographers. It manages your digital negatives in a database, lets you view them through a zoomable lighttable and enables you to develop raw images and enhance them.

minor feature: Added 50 zoom option in darkroom mode to the navigation dropdown. perspective correction: usability improvement allow setting the radius when (de)selecting lines. selecting drives in the import dialog on Windows by bundling a patched glib. Add some space between checkbox and label in color picker. OpenCL: better readability of deoutput on memory usage. Levels: catch an edge case where float != int. the alignment in a tooltip in lens correction. Local contrast: Reset strength slider to 120 when double clicked. Drop unused clone masks when loading xmp files. Remove all sub masks when clearing cloning masks. darktable-cltest: do not print summary statistics on OpenCL usage. Perspective correction: take aspect parameter into account when judging on neutral settings. Haze removal: tiled processing. install on Windows due to GraphicsMagick's versioned filenames. PPM: Handle byte order when loading files. Don't try to show dialog without gui. an out-of-bounds memory access. Tools: typo in darktable-gen-noiseprofile that made it unusable. MacOS package: point gettext to correct localedir. Sony ILCE-6500. Canon EOS 800D. Canon EOS Kiss X9i. Canon EOS Rebel T7i. Nikon COOLPIX B700. Nikon D5600. Olympus TG-5. German. Russian.

GNU GPLv3 capture digital-camera graphics-conversion viewer macos linux c

youtube-dl 2018.12.03 💾

youtube-dl is a small command-line tool to download videos. While it originally and still is used for YouTube.com, it supports many other video hosters like Anitube, Appletrailers, Archive.org, ARD, Arte, Blinkx, Bloomberg, CBS, clipfish, CollegeHumor, ComedyCentral, Discovery, dropbox, eHow, flickr, FranceTV, Google+, GorillaVid, Internet Video Archive, justintv, KhanAcademy, liveleak, MTV, MyVideo, NBC, Newstube, novamov Slideshare, SoundCloud, Southpark, Steam, SyFy, Veoh and Vimeo. It can save video MP4s and other provided formats or just extract audio tracks.

minor feature: utils random_birthday to generate existing dates only. tiktok Add support for tiktok.com. pornhub Use actual URL host for requests. lynda authentication. gfycat Update API endpoint. hotstar Add support for alternative app state layout. azmedien extraction. vimeo Add support for VHX (Vimeo OTT). joj extraction. wistia Add support for fast.wistia.com.

Public Domain python utility video

Thom2 2.2.0 💾

GTK2 Thomson TO7 Emulator for Linux. Forked from Sylvain Huet and Eric Botcazou version.

major feature: Add print to file support. Improve keyboard and sound under Linux.

Public Domain emulator

Checkstyle 8.15 💾

Checkstyle assists with source coding standard checking for Java. It supports the Sun or Google code conventions, but is flexible and configurable. It can be run as console tool, or integrated as ANT task.

minor feature: Remove Lambda from RightCurlyCheck. JavadocType: Add quot;allowedAnnotations quot. IllegalType should check extends amp; implements and class/interface type parameters. TreeWalkerAuditEvent doesn't create events on the absolute file path. IllegalType should ignore parameters of methods with modifiers not in. memberModifiers'. AbbreviationAsWordInName: false positive on capital letters on the end of the word. Performance with file.lastModified(). warning during build of site with equalsverifier-3.0.2. upgrade to latest picocli version to extra space in help output. Please add link to contributing.md in README.md. update to saxon 9.9. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST (part 2). update sources to avoid usage of sourceforge.net URLs. using picocli as command line parser. Add equalsverifier project to wrecker ci. ImportOrder: example of Intellij Idea default import order is not working.

MITL java coding-style syntax-checker command-line

gradle 5.0 💾

Gradle is an open-source build automation tool focused on flexibility and performance. Gradle build scripts are written using a Groovy or Kotlin DSL.

major feature: The Gradle team is excited to announce Gradle 5.0. This release features a production-ready Kotlin DSL, dependency version alignment (similar to and usable with Maven BOMs), task timeouts, Java 11 support, and more.

Apache build-tool c c++ groovy java

FileZilla 3.39.0 💾

FileZilla is a feature-rich FTP, FTPS and SSH FTP client, with support for all major plattforms. All tools are designed to aid moving and synchronizing files between local and remote file or webservers. It even allows multi-target uploading or editing files in-place. FileZilla also sports IPv6, a tabbed interface, resuming up and downloads, transfer speed limits, large files over 4GB, server and bookmark management, drag and drop, filtering, HTTPS / SOCKS5 / FTP proxying, and remote file searching.

major bugfix: Timestamps of newly created empty files on the server if the option to preserve timestamps is set.

GNU GPL c ftp ftps file-transfer

Nextcloud 15.0.0RC2 💾

Access, share and protect your files, calendars, contacts, communication & more at home and in your enterprise. Keep all of your life / business private and secure on a server you control. Share with only who you choose, and no-one else.

minor feature: typo in original english string and all translations . tx-robot updated from transifex. . . . extend anonymous options to work on every dav url. . tx-robot updated from transifex. . tx-robot updated from transifex. . tx-robot updated from transifex. . . . tx-robot updated from transifex. . count on string. . Add return type. . . . Add interface to allow storages from opting out of encryption. . Wait for the empty content element to be shown. . Wait for the comment to be added before changing to another file. . . . Add acceptance tests for sharing a file with another user. . Add acceptance tests for sharing a folder with another user. . Add acceptance test for resharing a file with another user. . Add acceptance test for checking that the owner can see reshares. . Add acceptance tests for resharing a folder with another user. . Add acceptance tests for folders that can not be reshared. . Extract sharing related acceptance tests to their own feature files. . Extract locators and steps for sharing in Files app to their own context. . Rename "FilesSharingAppContext" to "PublicShareContext". . tx-robot updated from transifex. . . . I changed the width of the srollbar to make it a bit bigger. . Open the updater via a POST form submit instead of eval the JS code d . . folder path containing leading slash when getting mount root by id. . . . add capabilities for multiple share links. . . . . . tx-robot updated from transifex. . . . Remove old button to submit the apppassword login. . Remove redirect page. . tests. . Update autoloader classmap. . relative timestamp in versions. . Show mimetype icon if version preview is not available. . update encryption wrapper tests. . Don't require Same Site Cookies on accessibility assets. . Better identification of the public link shares. . Apply patch from @cwiedmann but drop -oi option for pipe. . Add sendmailmode to gui. . Add testcases for pipe mode. . . . Set Referrer-P

Affero GPLv3 storage cloud web-environment file-sharing secure s3 dropbox

Embedthis ESP 7.1.0 💾

Embedthis ESP is a blazing fast "C" language web framework that is extremely efficient and access hardware and system data with ease. ESP is not a traditional low-level environment. It is a full MVC framework in a tiny footprint with most things you'd expect from an enterprise web framework including: MVC, scaffolds, templates, WebSockets, integrated databases, database migrations, etc. ESP offers "script-like" productivity, if web pages or controllers are modified during development, the code is transparently recompiled and reloaded.

minor feature: Essential Upgrade -- All users strongly advised to upgrade. Recommended Upgrade -- Upgrade recommended but not essential. Optional Upgrade -- Upgrade only if convenient. Upgrade to match new Pak release (0.12.4) and using pak.json instead of package.json. To build, requires MakeMe 0.10.8 or later. To install paks, use Pak 0.12.4 or later. . Download. Documentation.

GNU GPL esp web framework asp mvc

µBlock Origin 1.17.3rc5 💾

µBlock Origin is an efficient and general-purpose web filter plugin for browsers. It's primarily used for ad blocking of course. Runs in Firefox, Chrome, Opera Blink, Safari, Fennec, and other Chromium-based browsers. It automatically uses EasyList, EasyPrivacy and Malware Domain filter lists, but also supports hpHosts, MVPS HOSTS, Spam404 and many other curated block lists. µBlock is speedier and more memory conservative than other ad blockers, and is completely open source, does not undermine filtering like ADPs sponsored ads.

minor feature: Make Firefox dev build auto-update . UBlockOrigin/uBlock-. New revision for release candidate.

GNU GPLv3 javascript browser ad-blocker filter privacy

TEA text editor 47.0.1 💾

TEA is powerful text editor that provides hundreds of text processing functions. It supports QML plugins and external scripts. TEA can open plain text files, FB2, ODT, RTF, DOCX, Abiword, KWord KWD, SWX, PDF, DJVU. Other features: Built-in MC-like file manager. Spellchecker (using the aspell or/and Hunspell). Tabbed layout engine. Syntax highlighting for C, C++, Bash script, BASIC, C#, D, Fortran, Java, LilyPond, Lout, Lua, NASM, NSIS, Pascal, Perl, PHP, PO (gettext), Python, Seed7, TeX/LaTeX, Vala, Verilog, XML, HTML, XHTML, Dokuwiki, MediaWiki. Multiply encodings support. Code snippets and templates support. Scripts (Python, Perl, Ruby, Bash script). Hotkeys customizations. Misc HTML tools. Dokuwiki, MediaWiki, Docbook, Markdown, LaTeX, Lout editing tools. Preview in external browsers or other programs. String-handling functions such as sorting, reverse, format killing, trimming, filtering, conversions etc. Bookmarks. Morse code translator. Calendar/organizer Built-in image viewer (PNG, JPEG, GIF, WBMP, BMP, TIFF, TGA, etc.). Built-in image converter and resizer. Built-in ZIP packer/unpacker with file names charset selector.

major bugfix: Qt4 compilation fix

GNU GPLv3 text editor qt documentation text-processing filter latex html wiki xml utilities c++ windows os2 macos cross-platform bsd linux